Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –

I'm here to say I survived my foray into the big, bad city, and other than being REALLY tired this morning, I am no worse for wear. I arrived in the City around 4:20 and made my way to the street to hail a cab. The line of folks waiting to catch a cab was insane, so I asked the security guy how long he thought it would take to get one. He said maybe 45 minutes. I did have one of the bicycle taxis offer to take me, but I thought my hair would turn into a big frizzy mess if I too him up on the offer. I decided I needed to walk if I had any hope of making it by 5:00. So I pulled up my big girl panties and hoofed it the 14 blocks and arrived, unscathed but a bit overheated, with ten minutes to spare.

The venue for this year’s Next Generation Indie Book Awards was the Harvard Club on 44th Street and 6th in NYC. The place was a real throwback to bygone years, all dark paneling and masculine colors with a distinct air or no women allowed even though that wasn’t the case. I think I may look into the history of the Harvard Club, because there is no way you could tell me that at one point it was not a gentleman’s only club.

I met some really incredible people. I spent a lot of time with one author, Meg, who was the finalist in the parenting category and two ladies, L.D. & Fran (they were a stitch) who were finalists in the Anthology category. There were authors I met from the area as well as ones from Canada, California, Arizona, Chicago as well as other far flung places. It was surprising to see how far people came to be a part of the event. There were speeches from the six Grand Prize winners, one of who used the opportunity to get on her soapbox. We just all rolled our eyes and chatted amongst ourselves until she finished. What also surprised me was folks were impressed that I was a romance writer – for some reason I thought they would snub their noses at me, but they didn’t. When the evening was officially over, I was happy I went, but ready to get out of my high heels and get home. It had been a long day.

This time I didn’t care how long it took, but I was NOT walking back to Penn Station. I did catch a cab within 15 minutes, which was fine because I got to chat with an author who was also waiting for a cab. The cab driver was really nice. He was originally from Morocco and currently living with his wife in Brooklyn. I gave him a $5 on a $9 fare. A little excessive, yeah, but as far as I’m concerned, anyone who can handle driving in the city deserves a little extra. I could never do it!

So I make it back to Penn Station and I stop and get a smoothie to serve as my dinner (the hors d’oeuvres served left a bit to be desired and I was starving), then I needed to figure out which train would get me home. Yup, I needed help and a businessman was happy to assist. I had a twenty minute wait – not terrible. I squished myself into a corner so I could remain out of the way of the stampeding herds trying to make their respective trains. After the dust settled the first time, a lady motioned me to a seat next to her which had been vacated. I thanked her and we struck up a conversation. Surprise, surprise, she’d actually heard of me and had recommended one of my books to her daughter. Needless to say I was a little flabbergasted. Donna was very sweet, I gave her my business card and asked her to stay in touch. I met another nice girl on the train who dreams of becoming a writer (I wish I had gotten her name). We both got off the train at the same station and she introduced me to her parents who were picking her up. Her mom is a librarian and she said she was always looking to have authors speak at the library. I gave her my card and told her to stay in touch.

All in all, it was a great day, but enough. Let’s get to the writing challenges.


Tuesday’s challenge was:

Oh, my…


I opened the email and my first reaction was Oh my, this cannot be true. I paused, took a breath and read it again. Yup, there it was in black and white with a link in blue. Oh my! I still could not get my brain around what the email was saying. It must be a joke, a scam or spam, but no, the names are right, the logo is right, the link to the website checked out. Oh my!! My heart pounds as I read the email for the third time. OH my!! I start grinning and my hands start shaking. I grab the phone to call my husband to tell him the news. OH MY!!!


Yeah, I’m going to be a brat and stop it there. Hope y’all have a great day!


Your Next Challenge is:


Write a story containing the following three words: Horse, Woods, and Snow.


You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.