Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –
Good Morning! A little after eleven last night, I received and email, actually two emails from Cal at Caligraphics with proofs for two different options for my book cover. I posted the choices this morning and asked for opinions and reasons behind the opinion, so I could make a choice before the end of the day. I am leaning heavily toward one, but the artistry on the other is much better, so I’m vacillating. If Cal can fix the one thing I am having reservations about, then there is no contest between the two. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion. I have the choices posted on both my personal and professional Facebook page, a temporary posting on my website ( and on LinkedIn. I want to get everything completed by today so there is a chance I can have a proof to take with me to the award banquet in NYC on Wednesday.
Aaahhh – that’s in five days! UGH! It literally hit me right this second as I am writing to y’all. All this work with the new book cover has kept my mind off the NYC trip. What am I going to wear? How should I do my hair? Heels or flats? Cash or credit? Pepper spray or no pepper spray? Oh dear Lord, I have to go into the city! This is ten times worse than the Authors’ Day. It’s a public appearance AND a trip to the city…I avoid the city! I feel ill! BREATHE!!
I have to think about something else! Did yesterday’s story make you laugh? I have actually given the story to one of my characters in a modern day romance which I hope to have out by the end of 2014 (provided I can pull the file off of a really old laptop). I saved the story onto the laptop that just crashed and burned, but I believe the original is on an even older laptop. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
Now on to the next distraction…the challenges.
Yesterday’s challenge was:
Write a story using the following words: Turkey, Motorcycle & Kiss
It was Thanksgiving morning and I arrived at Gram’s early so I could help out and spend some extra time where it is just the two of us before the hordes descend.  Thanksgiving has always been a big deal, it was the one time of the year when all the kids and their spouses, all the grandchildren and their spouses and all the great grandchildren were together under one roof. Many years ago, when PaPa realized how large our clan was becoming, he built a barn type building out back with its very own kitchen. Now the barn is used for any parties we have, town social events and such, but on Thanksgiving it is reserved exclusively for the immediate family, all seventy-four of us, ranging in age from ninety-three to three weeks.
I made my way to the kitchen and sure enough, there was Gram. There were a dozen or so pies cooling on the work table, various vegetables on the butcher-block, several pots going on the burners and Gram was loading the last of the six turkeys into one of the ovens. “You’re amazing.” I said as I walked over for a hug and a kiss. “I can’t keep up with you and I’m more than forty years younger.”

“Oh Kelley, you’re here early. What a nice surprise!”
“Well, I wanted to have you to myself for a little while, and it’s not like there was anything keeping me at home. Michael’s away on business for another two weeks, Kayla’s in Ireland, and Josh isn’t due home on leave until Christmas. Do you realize this is the first Thanksgiving when we won’t all be together?”
“Sweetie, you know you can stay here at least until Michael gets back. You know Papa and I would love to have you.”
I smiled at the sweet woman who was such a big part of my life. “I know Gram, I know. Maybe I’ll stay the weekend.”
She gave my hand a pat, smiled and said, “Good,” then she tossed me an apron. “Your brother called last night and told me he’d be here early too.” The words had barely left her mouth when we heard the distinctive sound of my brother’s motorcycle.
“So much for having you to myself for a little while Gram.”
Unlike the last few challenges, this is a work of complete fiction with the exception of, I did call one of my grandmothers “Gram”, she was a big part of my life and I was forty-three years younger than her.
Your Next Challenge is:
My heart was pounding…
You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.