Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina – 

Good Morning! At about eight last night I realized I never posted a blog entry yesterday. This was the first time I missed in I can’t even remember how long, but I do have a really good excuse.

While NaNoWriMo was in full swing, I received the information from the FBI I had been waiting for in order to finish Corporate Blues, but I couldn’t take a break from Faerie Tale Queen to be able to work the information into the story. Well, from six yesterday morning until around seven last night – with only one break to take my daughter to the chiropractor – I wrote and revised Corporate Blues. And…wait for it… sent it to the publisher in NYC who has been asking for it. Now, I have no idea if he will pick up the novel, but at least it is out of my hands and into his.

I have been down this road before, the traditional publishing road, with less than a positive experience. I have learned from my mistakes, so unless they come back with “an offer I can’t refuse”, I will be releasing Corporate Blues myself. I will keep you updated, and I will probably be asking your opinion when the time comes as to what you think I should do.

Today, after a little bit of maintenance housework, I will be headed back to Ireland. It has been a few days since I’ve written anything on Faerie Tale Queen, and quite frankly, I’m starting to miss Kieren and Logan. I guess that’s a good sign, no?

I hope you have a wonderful day, and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge was:


You are posing for one of those “Old Time Photos”. The camera flash goes off, and when you blink the spots from your eyes, you find you are no longer at the photo studio, you are actually in the place where the photo is set.


It was silly really. Just a whim. The four of us were walking along the Wildwood boardwalk and we saw the “Olde Tyme Photo” sign, and we walked in. There were dozens of scenes we could have chosen. We could have been princesses and the guys could have been knights, but they weren’t keen on putting on the armor. We could have picked a scene from a royal ball, but the guys refused to wear tights. Then like kids in a candy store, the boys saw the Al Capone era photo, and they wouldn’t settle for anything else. Pretty sure the machine guns are what hooked them. Okay, so we’d be in corsets and fishnet stockings. I could live with that.

My boyfriend’s sister and I went into our dressing room to change and the guys went into theirs. When we all emerged, there was a lot of giggling, especially when the photographer posed us and told the guys they needed to look pissed off.

Finally, he snapped the photo. It was the biggest and brightest flash I had ever seen. Before my vision returned, the room slowly began to get noisy. I blinked and I blinked, and kept trying to focus, but the spots were still swimming before my eyes. The sound of piano music started to permeate the din. My peripheral vision started coming into focus. Where the heck did all these people come from?


Out of time.


From left to right: My husband Paul, me, my sister-in-law Cindy, and my brother-in-law Frank. I think we were 23, 21 & 18 when this photo was taken. Dang, I would kill to look like that again! LOL.

Your Next Challenge is:


With Nelson Mandela’s passing yesterday, it made me think, what is it that makes someone great, makes someone stand out over the rest? Write about who you think should be remembered as “great” and why.


You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.