Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24th

Rushing around, my heart all a flutter
Cooking and baking, dang where’d I put the butter?

The house is a shambles, I am in distress
I seriously don’t have time to deal with this mess!

The cats and dog are wrestling, there’s dust bunnies galore
And the list is getting longer of what I forgot from the store

I’m starting to stress, I’m beginning to twitch
But because of the season, I refuse to be a *****

In a few short hours, everyone will be gathering here
And I just know I won’t be ready…this is my fear

The kitchen needs cleaning, the vacuum needs to be run
Oh how I long for the days when holidays were fun

The house is now stirring, the kids are alive
With a “Hi Mom” and a kiss, reinforcements have arrived

Suddenly there’s  laughing and singing, one kid’s baking, one kid’s cleaning
Can I finally breathe, or am I dreaming?

No, it’s real, and my turmoil can now cease
Just having my babies home puts my heart at peace

They are my reminder of what this holiday should be
A time for love, and for faith, and for family

Wishing you all of the blessings of the holiday, from our family to yours…