Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22nd

Hi, it’s Christina –

Good Morning! There won’t be a writing challenge today folks, because, quite frankly I’m too tired to come up with a new challenge. We didn’t get home from my husband’s Christmas party until midnight, and I am seriously dragging this morning.

Yesterday’s bread making went well, but it almost didn’t. Remember I said for the bread to come out right, the weather conditions needed to be ideal and how, even when they are, because there is no recipe, I still mess it up sometimes? Well yesterday I had everything churning in the Kitchen-aid when I hear this little voice in the back of my brain say “yistaw” which in Slovak means eggs. I look around and sure enough, there on the counter and not in the mixing bowl are the five egg yolks waiting to be put into the batter. In went the eggs, and the bread was saved. Thank you Baba!!

So, after seven hours of work, I ended up with six crustanik (nut rolls) and one Cratchunik (Christmas bread).


The one cut in the picture didn’t pop, I just had it too close to the one next to it in the pan and they baked together. It wouldn’t have been Christmas if they had all come out perfect. LOL

My girls slept over their brother’s house on Friday night. When he and his girlfriend brought them home yesterday, and they walked into the house, my son’s said, “It didn’t feel like Christmas until I walked in here. Now it smells like Christmas.”

I so get what he means. I remember my first Christmas in my own place. Money was really tight, and all the extra, I spent on getting gifts for my family and friends. I had nothing left to get a Christmas tree or any decorations for my apartment. I figured I was never home anyway with going to school and working two jobs, so what difference did it make. Yeah, I was putting on a brave front; one which my boyfriend (now husband) saw right through.

A few days before Christmas, I come home from work, flip on the switch for the living room light, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a completely decorated tree filled with love and holiday cheer. While I was at work, he got a tree and lights and set them up and then went and got all of my ornaments from my mother’s house, plus some other Christmas decorations she gave him, and he decorated my apartment for me. It was the best gift EVER!

Okay, I only have a few minutes to get ready for church, so I’ve got to boogie. Hope you have a wonderful day, and happy writing!