Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29th

Hi it’s Christina –
Greetings from Burlington, VT.

Due to an erroneous 4:45 wake-up call, I’m awake. It is going to be a LONG day!! I started with checking my emails and there was one from a new group I was invited to join on LinkedIn. This group has you submitting an excerpt of a book (yours or another book you’ve read) and the link to where the book can be purchased. Hey, just one more avenue to advertise my book, so I was all for it. I went to upload an excerpt from A Second Chance, and I found ANOTHER typo. ARGH!! How many hundreds of times going over it and how many editors will it take until this dang thing is error free?

So this started me going in and fixing all the various places where A Second Chance was loaded and making the correction. (grown/groan – which I SWEAR was fixed on the first editing run.) I started with Kindle, and Kindle has now changed their program and the book cover file was no long valid, so I had to deal with that as well. Finally got that taken care of (only took an hour) and I uploaded the new content file with the correction. It will be available sometime in the next 12 – 24 hours.

Next I tried to tackle the file for the hard copy of the book on CreateSpace. The file is NOT loading! After it finally loads, I have to go through the whole review process again, so it may be a week before it is available. I still have to fix the Nook version, but I am dreading whatever obstacle that may throw in my path, so I decided to take a break and do the blog instead.

One of the surprises for my daughter that I couldn’t blog about yesterday  was, we brought her cousin up with us for the visit. The squeal my daughter let out when my niece popped out of the car was probably heard for miles! Needless to say, it made her day.
We did take the girls out apple picking as planned, and we went out for dinner last night. Can you guess where we went?

The girls stayed in the dorm with my daughter last night instead of with my husband and me at the hotel. I can’t wait to hear the stories when we go pick everyone up for breakfast! I can only imagine…

In a couple of hours we will be picking up the girls for breakfast and then we will be spending the day along Church Street. I figure if we leave between two and three, we should get home at a reasonable hour.

All these trips up here, the directions sent us around Lake George. If you have never been to Lake George, the roads are twisting and winding, going up and down some crazy hills. I was dreading having to traverse these roads when the weather turned sour, so I went hunting for an alternate route. While I drove, I kept seeing signs which pointed to Route 87, the road I took to the turnoff for Lake George. That lead me to believe there should be a spot further up Route 87 I could take to avoid the Lake George loop. Low and Behold, I found an alternate route! Route 87 meets up to Route 22 which links me to Route 7. Route 7 takes me directly to my daughter’s front door. Want to know the best part? Not only does this route simplify my trek to four roads, it also shaves almost an hour off of my travel time. I am looking forward to trying this new path on our way home!

Oh well, enough playing. I am going to try and get the uploads to work so my book will be available again. Say a little prayer for me that it goes better than it did earlier. I’m convinced technology and I will never be on friendly terms!

I hope you enjoy this glorious fall day, and happy writing!