Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21st

Hi, it’s Christina – 

Well Saturday has arrived and so has my book signing. I have everything packed up and ready to get loaded into the car. I’m glad I didn’t start to load the rental car yesterday, because the car dealer called around 4:pm to tell me the van was done. You have 24 hours to return a rental car after they call you, so since I was going to be busy all day today, I had to drive back to the dealer last night, during rush hour traffic to return the rental. It wasn’t fun, and I was actually looking forward to driving the Prius around for a few days. My family teases me, but I love the Prius.

I will have two helpers with me today, my daughter and one of her friends. This way if I need to get away for a few minutes, I can, and they will be there to say I’ll be right back. It is going to be a long day. We are leaving here at 9:00 and probably won’t be home until around 6:00. The actual book signing is only two hours, but the rest of the time is a meet and greet. I’m sure if some folks who come early and can’t stay for the official “signing time”, I’ll be allowed to sign their books for them. I am not anticipating any big rush of people, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Now if were Nora Roberts or Stephen King having the signing, it would be a different story; but I’m not quite there…yet.

I would normally say, “From my post yesterday you could tell I was annoyed”, but I seriously doubt you even say yesterday’s Facebook post or my grumbling about no one seeing my Facebook post. The issue is Facebook has stopped circulating posts which contain links. Why is beyond my comprehension, unless of course, money is the culprit. If you post a link, it must be important, therefore they won’t circulate it like they do any other postings, but you can pay $30 to have it boosted. A link free posting is seen by around 125 people on an average day but the views have climbed to over 300. If I include a link the numbers drop to 25 – 30 views.

This being said, my daily blog and the copy of the blog I put on Facebook are going to start looking different. For FB, links will be written out in words with spaces between each word. For my FB readers you will have a few choices. You can either take the written out link, squish all the word together and type them in the bar yourself; or go to my blog and click on the link; or simply just start reading from my blog and ignore FB.

Yesterday’s link was to www (dot) The Fussy Librarian (dot) com. The site and the concept are really cool and I didn’t want you to miss out because Facebook has their panties in a twist. This is really going to stink though when I do my book reviews, because I like having the link to the book right there for you. Whatever, the actual link will be on my blog (now that I’ve figured out how to do it).

OK, I need to get a cup of coffee in me, load up the van, shower, dress, do hair and make-up, so it is time to get this dog and pony show moving. I hope you have a wonderful day and happy writing!