Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –

The sun’s not even up yet, but I am. I guess knowing my NaNoWriMo deadline is fast approaching and I still have almost 3,700 words to go was playing through my brain. Whatever, I had almost five hours of sleep. If I get tired later (ie: when the girls wake up and I can’t write any more), I’ll take a nap.

Remember I told you writing on the beach was almost impossible because of the glare? Well, this time I did a little redneck engineering and I was able to get 900 words done yesterday. I didn’t exactly hit my goal, but it was literally ten times better than my last beach writing attempt.

I could not locate our beach umbrella, so I had to figure out how to jerry rig a regular rain umbrella to my chair. No, I did not use duct tape, although it was tempting. I used a bungee cord. Between that and a conveniently located sign on the beach, I was able to create enough shade so I could see the screen.

Now if I could have figured out a way to muzzle the two old sisters who were seated near me, I would have been in business. I am a visual writer, I write what I see. Basically, I stare ahead and “watch” a scene unfold before my eyes. I tip my head to better “hear” what the people are saying. I may frown when I don’t like what they are doing, or smile when they are. There have been many a time where I either laughed or cried with my characters as well. The sisters were right in my line of vision, and their Ralph and Alice routine was quite a distraction. Also, probably because I was staring ahead, they thought I should be involved in their conversation. So between them and the ninety year old men parading around in speedos turning my stomach, I didn’t get a whole lot done. So today, it’s nose to the grindstone!

Sorry, I got all flustered yesterday when I realized how late I was running and I forgot to tell you one thing that happened at the balloon festival. Right in front of where I had parked, there were two tent set up. These two open sided tents housed a bride, a groom, their wedding party and guests. Apparently, they were supposed to be having the ceremony up in one of the balloons. I guess Mother Nature took offense at not being on their guest list, so she crashed the wedding. I felt SO bad for the couple.

Rain on your wedding is supposed to be good luck. The tears from the sky that day, will be that many less tears you will cry during your lives together. From the amount of rain we got Sunday, several generations of this couple’s lineage will never shed a tear!


Your Last Challenge was:

Write a story containing these three words (blame my daughter): Taco, Cactus, Goldfish


Our van was packed to the gills, and we were ready to leave. The last two things my daughter brought to the car were the cactus, which she named Paco, she got from her nutty friend as a graduation present and her new goldfish, Taco; both of which she was planning holding for the entire six hour drive.

The first round of tears already happened when she needed to say goodbye to her cat. After we promised her that if she ever moved from the dorm and into a campus apartment, we would bring Mikey to stay with her, the tears stemmed a little, but then she said goodbye to her sister’s cat. By the time she got to our dog, Colby, she was a blubbering mess again. I was surprised, because she had held it together fairly well the previous evening when we had her going away dinner. There were only a few tears while saying goodbye to her human contacts. I guess my daughter is a much better actress than I ever gave her credit for.


Yeah, I know. I’m practically jinxing myself, but this is probably how the scene will play out in three weeks. On the bright side, we’ll only be transporting the cactus up to college, and he’ll fit nicely into a cup holder for the trip. We convinced my daughter there actually were pet stores in Vermont and she did not need to transport a fish the entire way, so we will be getting her a goldfish when we arrive on Thursday.

OK, I’m off to camp. Please say a little prayer that I have a productive day. This is crazy, I was so far ahead of schedule, but unforeseen thing popped up, and now I’m scrambling to make deadline. UGH! Really glad I didn’t put my goal as 85K!


Your Next Challenge is:



You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.