Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23rd Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –

Good morning all. Hope everyone had a great Monday. The girls and I were quite productive yesterday, but we realized there was no way we were going to get through all the laundry any time soon with only one washer and dryer, so today we are going to bag it up and head to the laundry mat. Three hours and it will all be done!

A majority of the things being washed are things they will no longer wear and are going to be donated, so I didn’t want to waste any extra time on them, when their time could be spent organizing, or in my older daughter’s case, packing. There are still a ton of things down there from when my son lost all his weight, and although my husband is not opposed to hand-me-ups, some of the stuff is just too young for him to wear.

I just realized, many of you don’t know about my son’s amazing weight loss. In a little over a year, he dropped 173 lbs! To put that into perspective, that is the equivalent of losing a full grown man! He cut out all soda and sports drinks, almost all carbs, and started going to the gym. He was determined and focused. We are all so proud of him! I made him take one of those cheesy pictures you see in ads that no one ever believes are true.




YES, those really are a pair of his old pants. He went from a 46 to a 32. I’d be happy to drop 20lbs and can’t manage to do it. I am in awe of my child.


Your Last Challenge was:



Phew, the last three bails. Dang my back hurts, but I can’t stop. Not with that storm rollin’ in. Not that I’ complainin’ Lord, we sure could use the rain. These last few weeks have been mostly dry, but if today’s a good soaker, the crops will be just fine. From the feel of my back and shoulder, it’s going to be a good soaker.

Ok, hay done. Next mend the fence, then back to get the horse so I can find where that dang cow’s got to. I swear this is the third time she has wandered off right when she was about to deliver. I don’t get it. Is some rocky ravine more appealing to give birth? Ah, no use complainin’, ain’t gunna change the situation none. I just gotta go get her.

Wonder if Mike’s around? Sure could use the help if she’s actually gone into labor. Best pack some food, just in case we’re out there a while. Lord only knows how it will take to find the fool creature.

There. Done. That wasn’t too bad. Thank God for small favors. Alright, back to the house.


A cowboy’s thought’s while he’s working???

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Write a story containing the following three items: Beach Ball, Ice Cream, Life Guard


You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.