Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17th

Hi it’s Christina –

Sorry folks, no writing challenge today. I got a phone call from a friend. Her air conditioning went and the repairmen were coming today to fix it, but her work wouldn’t let her take the time off from work to meet them. They were supposed to be there between twelve and two and they were going to call half an hour before they were going to get there. OK, no big deal right? I did most of my running around early this morning so I could be back in town by eleven-thirty, but I left the grocery shopping until after they were done.

Wanna take a guess when the service guys showed up? Four-ten. Please keep in mind it was just shy of a hundred degrees today and the house had NO AC. No, I wasn’t sitting there all day, I went over at three-thirty, but still, they didn’t show up until the hottest part of the day. Seriously?

Part of the running around I did today was a trip to the bank. When my mother was working, every paycheck, she purchased savings bonds for my kids for their college fund. I took some of the bonds to be cashed in because the two of kids could use some extra money for books when they start college in the fall. Did you know savings do not mature for eighteen years? I swear it used to be ten years. OK all you math whizzes out there, what interest rate would it be to make fifty dollars on a fifty dollar investment if it took you eighteen years to make that fifty bucks? Less than half a percent right? I’m thinking savings bonds are not the greatest investment.

Anyway. I’m pooped from sitting in the heat for so long and my son is coming over for dinner. We haven’t seen him since his birthday. Still getting used to this whole kids old enough to move out thing. OK, I have to go make dinner. You’ll get a new writing challenge tomorrow. Have a great evening!