Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –

Happy hump day! Perhaps if I don’t remind the girls it’s Wednesday, they won’t keep asking me what day it is – dang camel! I guess the Geico marketing team hit a homerun on that one. Yet, there are still commercials out there where I can’t help but ask, what were they thinking?

Example; a few years ago, there was a commercial out there, I can’t even remember what product it was, where the man was distracted. There was a faucet left running in one shot and various other things left unattended in other shots. During the first few runs of the commercial, one of those other shots was a baby playing with a roll of tape. The child was completely covered in the tape he had pulled off of the roll. The commercial drove me crazy. Who the heck would be so distracted, they would leave their under one year old baby unattended? What were they thinking airing a commercial like that? Within a few weeks, the unattended baby was cut out of the commercial. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought they were insane.

Now there are commercials peddling a system where you can access items in your house from a remote location; turn on lights, arm your alarm system, adjust your heat, etc. In one of the commercials there is a woman in the grocery store with a young child. She gets a notice on her phone and she pulls up the camera inside her home because her front door opened at 4:15 in the afternoon. If you take notice, you will see there is another young child, probably coming home from school, walking in the door. Again, what were they thinking? Obviously there is no one home or the lady wouldn’t be checking the home remotely, and the child coming into the empty house is perhaps seven or eight years old. HELLO! Why didn’t these advertising folks make the kid coming home at least fifteen or sixteen? Have they all lost their minds? I wonder if it is the same advertising agency that made the first commercial with the unattended baby.

The cannibalistic cereal commercials drive me crazy too, but that is a whole other issue and I won’t drive you crazy with it.


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I wish I knew what he/she was thinking…


How many times have you looked at your beloved pet and wished you knew what she was thinking? Your cat is staring at the wall, twitching his tail and making that funny chirping noise. You look at the wall and everywhere around, but you see nothing. Your dog comes running over, plops down in front of you and cocks her head, practically asking you a question. Wouldn’t you just love to know what she was thinking?

Well, my family has figured out a way to remedy this situation. We all do it, and to unsuspecting onlookers it is either quite comical or they think we have all gone insane. We all talk for our pets. Each pet has his or her own unique and distinct voice and as one member of the household is interacting with a pet, another member of the household becomes the voice of said pet. We are not quite sure when this started or how this evolved, but it has come to the point of a well-choreographed performance.  As I said, some folks think we are insane, but it sure beats saying “I wish I knew what he/she was thinking” all the time.


Yup, I just gave you another glimpse into my bizarre personal life. We currently have three cats and one dog, and they each have their own voice and personality. The funny thing is, we have all gotten so good at this, you really begin to think what the “animal” is saying is plausible. I will be annoyed with the dog because he’d be begging shamelessly and one of the kids would chime in with, “But Mommy, I just want a little taste.” Or “But Mommy, I just loves bananas. Fruits are good for me.”

So you don’t call out the men in white coats and butterfly nets, these “conversations” do not go on constantly in our home, but when the improv situation arises, someone is there to supply a voice. I find it hysterical that we even have my husband doing it now.


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