Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 17th

Hi, it’s Christina –

Well at least today is as yucky as yesterday was or I’d really be bummed. The rest of the family put the kibosh on my staying at the house and cleaning up while they went to the movies, so we all went to see Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters. It was ok, in my opinion not as good as the first, but still enjoyable. The movie starts off really well, but then it just starts to fizzle and in the end, the monster does die just a little too easily – No, that was not a spoiler. Obviously Percy perseveres; there are several books in the series. They do get bonus points for the tie-in to the next movie, it was well done, and I want a Hippocampus! Not that I would have anywhere to keep him mind you, but I still want one.

Since I know better than to attempt pizza down here, our usual Friday fare, we gambled and went to a Chinese buffet. Nothing extraordinary, but what do you expect for $8.95? They did have one thing (other than the fried dough rolled in sugar that I’m a sucker for) which was very tasty. It was a fried ravioli, for lack of a better description, stuffed with a crabmeat and cream cheese mixture. I had three! I even asked the owner what they were and she told me how to make them. Next church progressive dinner where I have the appetizer course, guess what’s going to be on the menu…

I get a text from my sister-in-law last night asking me which sister-in-law’s house I was having dinner at Sunday night, because she wasn’t going to be back from Dorney Park until around midnight. If you don’t know me personally, you probably did not find the last statement amusing in the least. However, for those of you who do know me and my family, you are probably chuckling because you know I only have one sister-in-law. This is what I get when I just listen to what my kids tell me and I don’t verify the information with an adult. I was wondering why my sister-in-law would come home from Dorney early so we could have dinner. Needless to say there was a bit of giggling last night while we exchanged texts. Well, at least I found out she actually reads my blog. J

The house next door to us is occupied by actual owners of the home, and this rental property shares a fence with them. Along the fence is one of the most unusual flowers I have ever seen and I asked the owner if I could take a clipping and see if I can get it to grow up by me. She told me to dig up one of the shoots instead; I would probably have better luck. So I did. I hope it will take at home. Here’s what the flowers look like. Isn’t it amazing?


Too bad the picture doesn’t do it justice, and since it was early in the morning, the flower wasn’t opened all the way. When it is bright and sunny, all those squiggly things make it look like the flower has a lace collar. It really is lovely.

OK, coffee’s finished and it is almost time to roust the troops, so I’d better wrap up. I’m going to have them load up the car while I sweep and vacuum, then we are out of here. This time it will be a final goodbye to the Outer Banks. Sorry, I know there are a ton of OBX fans out there, I’m just not one of them. Until tomorrow…

Hope you have a Great Day and Happy Writing!