Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21st

Hi, It’s Christina –

Early this morning I went outside to do the yard work before it got too hot. My plan was to start by mowing the backyard. I had mowed the front yard last night before it got dark. Even though it was getting too dark to mow, I thought I could do a few swipes over the backyard because the flood lights were on. Well, I guess that was a mistake. I ran over a root so I decided to stop at that point and parked the tractor. This morning, I go out and start it up, put it in gear, and it refuses to move. It won’t go forward, it won’t go backward. I killed the John Deere. Needless to say, the backyard will not be clipped for the picnic.

My hubby comes outside and I tell him the wonderful news. Yeah, he’s not too happy with me, even though I told him I found what I had run over and even if it was light out, I wouldn’t have thought twice about running it over because it wasn’t very big. I guess I just hit it wrong. Anyway, I had him start the weed whacker for me and I weed whacked until I ran out of string, and I weeded the front garden and the front yard. When all was said and done, I spent a little over three hours on the yard. By the time I came back in, I was covered in green, completely dehydrated and my arms were shaking from the vibrations of the weed whacker. They were shaking so bad I couldn’t even pour myself a drink. I took a cold shower and laid down for fifteen minutes and started to feel normal again. Then the house cleaning started.

The girls really busted their butts helping me today, so we were able to get everything finished. Now my oldest daughter is making the cakes for tonight and my youngest one is cleaning out the car. I have to go and make the one salad I’m providing (everyone else is bringing the side dishes), and then we all have to set up the tables and chairs outside. We still haven’t packed for the weekend, nor is the car loaded with my daughter’s college things yet, and guests will be arriving in a little over an hour. I’m not even sure my husband will be home from work by then.

As you see, I have too much to do to be blogging, and there definitely isn’t time to do a writing challenge, so unit Friday…have a great day and happy writing!