Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3rd

Hi, it’s Christina –

Happy Saturday folks! Hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend – I don’t that’s why I hope you do! Just not in the mood to tackle a writing challenge today. The issue isn’t doing yesterday’s challenge, it’s coming up with a new one for today. I thought you guys were going to send me ideas? Perhaps I will have an inspiration (or suggestion) by tomorrow.
I started playing around with a cover for Corporate Blues. Tell me what you think.



I figure this would work to get the book out on Kindle and then when I have a little more income coming in, I will have the graphic designer mimic what I did. I wish I could figure out how to do the spine and the back myself. CreateSpace does have a free cover design available, but I don’t care for the fonts they offer. Who knows, maybe I’ll play around with it and come up with something I like.
While searching for a photo of blue eyes I liked, I came across this article about having blue eyes. If you have a minute to read it, it’s really interesting.
So, chime in with a quick comment. What color are your eyes? Mine are blue, and although I can’t see for beans out of them, I think they are my best feature. I may just have one of my kids take a photo of me, and I’ll airbrush out the wrinkles and use my own eyes for the cover. What do you think? Unless one of you out there would like to volunteer a photo…