Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 13th

Hi, it’s Christina –

Well, we only have about two inches at the moment, but the hourly forecast shows heavy snow starting around 8:00. Yeah, just in time for us to leave for work. I am going to leave really early so I can take my sweet old time getting to the shop.

Thank GOD today is not a huge delivery day. We made calls to everyone who had deliveries scheduled for today and asked them if we could deliver either yesterday or tomorrow. Everyone was very understanding and their replies were “absolutely”, “of course”, “not a problem” and even “I can’t blame you, I wouldn’t want to go out in it either”.

Everyone except for one person. Amazing, there always seems to be one “bird” in the bunch. He paid to have his stuff delivered on Thursday, and it was my job to have them there on time. Really? Technically, the governor has declared a state of emergency, and a van delivering flowers isn’t exactly an emergency vehicle. Yeah, although I was sickeningly sweet to the pompous jerk (I have bite marks in my tongue to prove it), I’ve realized I may not have the patience for retail anymore; at least not this type of retail.

Okay, I’m going to forego the writing challenge today so I can grab a quick shower, start a pot roast for dinner, make lunches, go clear off my car – all before 8:15. Hopefully 45 minutes for a 5 mile commute will be adequate to get me there by 9:00. I hope you have a warm and safe day, and happy writing!