Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina – 

Happy Friday! To be honest, yesterday felt like Friday already because my daughter has a four day weekend. Yesterday and today are Teachers’ Convention, so schools are closed. I had forgotten all about it until my daughter came home from school on Wednesday and asked if she could sleep over a friend’s house. I said not on a school night and she said not to worry, she’d be home by Sunday. She’s such a brat. The child is incredibly quick-witted.

When she was four or five, which put her brother in the thirteen - fourteen range, was when we really started noticing this, often comical, sometimes annoying, trait. My son used to be a big guy – I’m talking 4’6” and 100 lbs going into kindergarten big. Anyway, my son was going through a phase, like many teenaged boys do, where he was growing his hair long. Normally I didn’t care about the kids’ hair (it can be short, long, purple, spiked, shaved – whatever, it was hair, no matter what they did, it wasn’t permanent), but we were coming up on a holiday.

We were sitting in the living room watching tv, when my son walked through. I asked him if he was going to cut his hair, and said he was starting to look like a hippie. That’s when my little one chimes in and says, “Yeah, a hippiepotomus.” For a second, the room went completely silent, then we all busted up laughing, even my son. He did go and get his hair cut. Not short, but he got it shaped so he no longer looked like a sheepdog, and that’s all I really wanted. However, because of the reaction my daughter got, she now felt free to release her one-liners at will.

Sorry for the detour into left field there, but I thought you’d get a kick out of the story. The reason I began to tell you all of this was, since my daughter spent Wednesday night into Thursday at a friend’s, I had the house to myself, so it was quiet and I was able to work on Faerie Tale Queen. (The next chapter will be posted on FB later today.) Today however, she’s home. Hopefully she’ll sleep until ten and I’ll get some writing accomplished. If not, it won’t be until Monday when I can get some serious words down, and I’m behind already. Yesterday I should have hit the 12.5K mark and I’m only at 10K.

Since my window for writing is going to be very small for these next three days, my blogs are going to be on the short and sweet side, so I can grab whatever quiet I’m allotted.

On that note, I hope you have a fabulous Friday and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge:


The countdown has begun…


Thirty days, a whole month, no problem, this will be a piece of cake. I’ll pace myself, do a little each day, and, who knows, maybe I’ll even finish early. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go. I’m so excited.

Twenty seven days, I’m off to a good start, as expected, I’m ahead of the game. I think I’ve earned a break.

Twenty two days, I’ve been a little distracted and have fallen behind a bit, but it’s no big deal, there’s still plenty of time. I’m not worried.

Sixteen days, the laundry, the groceries, the house, a nasty cold, now I’m really behind. How am I ever going to finish? Don’t panic, don’t panic, you can still do this.

One week left! Maybe if I kick everyone out of the house and pull a couple of all nighters, I’ll still have a chance. Why do I do this to myself? Never again!

The last day. The final word is written. The end product is submitted. I finished with a few hours to spare. I knew I could. I can’t wait for next time!

The cycle of a NaNoWriMo participant.

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You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.