Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina – 

Greetings y’all. I hope you had a wonderful evening. Last night my hubby and I watched the CMA Awards. Did any of you? It was interesting.

Brad and Carrie were rather funny, most of the time. Although, I’m not quite sure about the feuding skit; I guess I missed some juicy gossip and the meaning behind it went over my head.
Their bit with the Duck Dynasty guys was hysterical.

I didn’t much care for Eric Church channeling Metalica, but I was moved by Alan Jackson and George Straight’s tribute to George Jones.


The tribute to Kenny Rogers was also sweet, especially when the entire audience sang along with Kenny and Jennifer Nettles to Islands in the Stream, and when Darius Rucker started with the words "You gotta know when to hold um...". I will admit, I had never heard the Kenny Rogers' song Rascal Flats played, and I really thought I knew them all.

Husband and wife dynamic duo, Blake and Miranda, both walked away with their fourth awards for male and female vocalists of the year.

Kacey Musgraves looked none too pleased when Miranda won. Media had been predicting for weeks that Kacey would be sweeping the awards this year, and I guess she bought into all the hype. She’s still very young and has not mastered the grace yet to hide her disappointment when all cameras are upon her, but she will. The girl is crazy talented and will be getting her fair share of awards in the future.

Kasey did win for new artist of the year. Florida Georgia Line won for single of the year and duo of the year.

 Lee Brice won song of the year for “I Drive Your Truck”, a song that still chokes me up even though I’ve heard it a million times. When the award was presented, we got the back story for the song. It was inspired by a soldier who lost his life in Afghanistan and his father who still drives his truck (in the song it’s a brother).


Little Big Town won for vocal group of the year and Blake Shelton won for album of the year.


 Now maybe it was just me, but Tim McGraw didn’t look well. He sounded marvelous, but something just wasn’t quite right. He appeared overly thin, his face was drawn and gaunt, and those ridiculous high-waisted grey pants he was wearing didn’t help. He is doing another movie right now, so maybe he needed to lose weight for the roll. I hope that is all it is and he isn’t ill, for the sake of him, his family and his fans.




Unsurprisingly, considering this was the last year he could win the award because he has announced his retirement, George Straight won for entertainer of the year. The same thing happened years ago when Garth Brooks announced his retirement, but unlike Garth, I think Mr. Straight will stay retired.


Speaking of Garth Brooks, because of his mega worldwide stardom, in 2005 the Country Music Association created an award called the Pinnacle Award for singers who become a global phenomenon. Until last night, Garth Brooks had been the only recipient of this prestigious award. Now he has company. Miss Taylor Swift has joined him in the country music elite. Not too shabby for a twenty-three year old. What a beautiful, classy woman she’s becoming.

Now you probably know more about country music than you ever cared to know. Sorry if I bored the non-country music lovers, but I do love country music, it is predominantly the only music I listen to, so CMA awards night is special.

I hope you have a great day and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge:


Something old, something new…


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe. We have all heard this, and if you are a woman who has gotten married, you probably made sure you adhered to the poem, well maybe not the sixpence, but do you know why you did?

The poem originated in the late 1800s and it was the supposed good luck charms to ensure the bride of a happy, successful marriage. The “something old” was there to ward off the “evil eye”, which could render her barren. My something old was my grandmother’s cross necklace, so I guess I was doubly protected. The “something blue”, traditionally the garter worn by brides, was also a tool to ward off the “evil eye” in the form of a distraction. Think about it, the bride was all in white, the groom in black and white, the only color around was the blue garter which the groom would throw, drawing the “evil eye’s” attention away from the bride. Of course my garter was blue. Do the make them in any other color for brides?

The “something borrowed” is supposed to be from a woman who has already been blessed with children. Are you noticing a theme here? My borrowed was a handmade handkerchief from my aunt. She had one child, so I guess I was covered.

There is no information on the “something new” or the “sixpence in the shoe”, but I would say the new symbolizes a new beginning and new life together, and the sixpence is to ensure you will never be without funds. Let me tell you, by the end of the night, the penny in my shoe was becoming rather annoying. At one point, when I took my shoe off so I could wiggle my toes, the penny fell out and rolled across the dance floor. Now there was a sight; me in my voluminous white dress, chasing a coin across the room.

At the time of my wedding, I had no idea as to where the traditions had come from or what the meanings behind them were, yet I still made sure I adhered to each and every one, as I am sure many brides before me have done and many brides will continue to do in the future, whether they know why or not.


(Twenty-three years and counting.)


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