Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina – 

Eee Gads! It’s after eleven and I haven’t done my blog yet. YIKES! Today was a shiny object kinda day. First thing this morning I started working on a book trailer. You know how good I am with technology, so why not frustrate myself exponentially?

I tried pulling up the program I used to do my daughter’s graduation video, but it was expired, so I searched for another free video program. I found one, downloaded it, and made a video. It was surprisingly easy. Then I went to produce it and save it and I got a warning that since it wasn’t a registered paid edition, there would be a disclaimer right in the center of the video. WHY would you offer something for free that really isn’t free?

So, I promptly uninstalled the program. While I was at it, I went to uninstall the first video program and it gave me the option do downgrade to the free edition. What the heck? I’ll give it a whirl after I get this blog posted.

Yesterday on my Facebook author’s page I posted the second installment of Faerie Tale Queen. I got a few “likes”, but no feedback. I will be posting the next chapter tomorrow. I figure one every other day is a good pace. I just wish I get more comments so I know I’m on track with this one. I don’t want to say the historicals I write are easy, but at least, I know exactly where I’m going with them – history is set, language is set, clothes, settings, time period are all set. This one is out there, with no rules or clear direction, and I’m a little worried because literally anything goes. I have the entire story mapped out in my mind, however, the journey from point A to point B does not need to be a straight line, and it’s a bit daunting.

These ramblings will make more sense as you read the chapters. Faerie Tale Queen takes place in a modern, but not specific, time. Part of the time it is in modern day Ireland – no big deal, I can handle that – but part of the time it is in a world which only exists in my mind. Yes I can see it, but can I get you to be able to see it? There is nothing in your past or in your present for you to use as a point of reference.

Think JK Rowling creating Hogwarts. Other than the slight similarity it had to an old English castle, you had no clue what Hogwarts looked like until she brought it to life for you. Now it might as well be a real place, because there are very few in the world who couldn’t describe at least some of its features. Same with Lewis Carroll and JRR Tolkien; now I’m not saying I am in their league, mind you. They just left incredibly huge shoes to fill, and it is going to be a challenge to attempt to do so. I do fairly well bringing you to a time you are unfamiliar with, hopefully I will be able to bring you to a place as well.

Okay, although I thoroughly enjoy these blogs, if I want to get anything done on Faerie Tale Queen, I’d best skedaddle. I hope you have a wonderful day and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge:

 I remember it as if it were yesterday…

I was seven years old. It was Easter Sunday. We had finished dinner at my grandparents’ house, and we all walked across the back yard to my aunt and uncle’s house. It had snowed the day before and there were still patches on the ground which had not melted. I remember the pretty purple crocus, flowers I was not allowed to pick, poking through small piles of white. It was cold so I had my heavy winter coat over my frilly yellow dress, and because of the snow I had to wear my ugly boots instead of my new shiny black Mary Janes, but I didn’t care, I was so excited.

My aunt and uncle had just purchased a color television, and we were all going to watch a movie in color for the first time. We all gathered in the living room. All of us except my baby cousin. She was only one and she needed to go to bed before the movie started, but I was a big girl, so I got to stay up and watch it. My mom settled me next to her feet, on the floor with a pillow and a blanket. My grandfather and my uncle each took a chair and my mom, aunt and grandmother sat on the couch.

The music started and I could barely sit still. At first I was disappointed, the movie looked exactly the same as all the other times I had seen it, all black and white and grey. But then, Dorothy opened the door and there it was, Munchkin Land. My eyes grew wide and I sucked in my breath. I had never seen anything more beautiful, more magical.

Dang, ten minute are up, but the only thing I was going to add was the witch was a lot more scary in color than in black and white.


Your Next Challenge is:

Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a, a ???

You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.