Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina – 
Yesterday I was dealing with some drama a friend was going through. She told me I should write a book about her life, and I told her even though I only write fiction, her story was so bizarre, it wouldn’t even be a believable fiction piece! After she left, I had such a headache, I couldn’t think even about looking at my computer screen.
No, I am not blaming her for the headache. LOL. I am blaming it on my annoying allergies which are making sleep difficult and causing eye crossing sinus pain. Yesterday’s rain tamped down a lot of the pollen, so I’m doing pretty well today.
Now that it’s October, the NaNoWriMo email notices have started to come in, and I signed up again to participate. I have from November 1st to November 28th (I don’t know why it is not going until the end of the month) to get 50K words down.
I am going back and forth over what story I would like to write next. There has been this Irish fairy tale type one that has been rattling around in my brain for quite some time, but there is also another one which started as a writing homework from my Tuesday writing group, then expanded upon in this blog. Two little girls were hidden by their mother in a pile of laundry moments before the assailants broke the door in and gunned her down. Why were the parents murdered? Were the perpetrators ever captured? What happened to the girls? This one just won’t let me go, but I may hold off until the April out of respect for Queen Bevin who has been waiting patiently for years to have her tale told.
Yeah, my brain can be a strange place at times, but the folks there accept or at least tolerate me. J  
I hope you have a wonderful day and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge was:

You and your sibling(s) are out raking leaves…

“Sometimes I really hate this time of year!” I grumbled to my little brother Tommy. He hated it when I called him Tommy and when I referred to him as my “little” brother. We are only a year apart and he started to tower over me by the time he was fourteen.

“Are you kidding? I love this! Bright sunshine, crisp air.”

His cheerfulness annoyed me even more. “And a bazillion flippin’ leaves!”

“Hey, I’ll take raking leaves to shoveling snow any day.”

I had to concede his point, light dry fluffy leaves were a heck of a lot easier than wet heavy snow. “Don’t even go there. Memories of last winter still make me shiver.”

As the two of us raked the week’s pile to the curb for the town to pick up, I paused and looked at the neighbor’s house across the street. “I don’t get it.”

Tommy stopped what he was doing and looked up, “Get what?”

“The Johnston’s. They have all those trees, but not a single leaf is on their lawn.”
“So? They do a better job than we do.” Tommy said with a shrug and went back to shoving his pile to the curb.
“That’s just it. I don’t recall seeing the Johnstons doing any yard work, ever. Have you?”

Tommy leaned on his rake and furrowed his brow as he stared across the street. “A lawn service?” He offered.
“Ever see a truck? A mower? A snow plow for that matter now that I think about it? Their house is always picture perfect. How?”

“They’ve been living there for three years and you just noticed this now?”
“You didn’t notice at all!”
Just then, Mr. Johnston stepped out onto his porch to get the paper. Tommy and I smiled and waved.


Your Next Challenge is:

Use the following three words in a story: Movie, Bicycle, Newspaper

You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.