Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21st

Hi it's Christina -
Greetings from Champlain! I hijacked my daughter's computer while she was still sleeping so I could give you a quick post.
The ride up here yesterday was gorgeous. Not many things can beat New England in the fall. We decided, since we weren't under any real time constraints, to give the Essex Ferry a try to see if it saved us any time. When we pulled into the staging area to board the ferry, I plugged my daughter's college address into the GPS and it said I was an hour and fifty-six minutes away. I suspended the guidance and then turned it back on when we reached dry land. It then said we were twenty-seven minutes away. I'm thinking we made pretty good time considering we were only on the boat for about twenty minutes. 
By taking the ferry, it also saved me a little over 1/4 of a tank of gas. I figure 1/4 tank would cost about $15 and the car fee for the ferry was only $9.50, so I really made out on the deal. I guess I will be taking the ferry from now on when I come to visit my daughter at college.
I already had my first adventure by six o'clock this morning. I woke up early and took my shower so I wouldn't be in anyone's way if they were trying to get ready to go to class. I shower, get dressed, and even do my make-up. I gather all my junk from the bathroom and attempt to go back into my daughter's room. Her room key would not work. I tried at least twenty times. I even ran downstairs and tried her key on the front door. It worked fine there, so I ran back upstairs and tried again. Nothing. There I was, stuck outside my daughter's room, with all my shower junk. THANK GOD I had brought my clothes into the bathroom so I was fully dressed and not stuck in the hallway in a towel!
For the record, this was not a case of me and technology not getting along. When one of the girls from across the hall came out and saw me sitting on the floor, I told her what had happened. She took my daughter's key and tried to open the door. She couldn't get it to work either. About half an hour later, my daughter's roommate showed up (she had stayed at a friends so I could use her bed, but I ended up falling asleep on the couch), and she let me in. First order of business today for my daughter is going and getting her key fixed.
Oh well, it's almost eight and I should probably wake my daughter so we can have breakfast and I can begin my trek back to New Jersey. I hope you have a Magical Monday and happy writing!