Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18th

Hi, it’s Christina – 

I lied … or maybe just fibbed a little. I said no blog today, but I needed something to do while I drank my coffee and woke up. There just won’t be a writing challenge today and I still can’t tell you why or what I’m up to. J

Believe it or not, I got a good chunk of Christmas shopping done yesterday. I found several gifts and I’m very pleased with myself. It’s not even Halloween yet! I always pick up things here and there during the course of the year, but they are usually little stocking stuffer items. This time, I actually have presents.

Next week, I am going to gather all of the “finds” I have collected thus far and get them sorted out, so I know what I have already and know what I still have to get. The trick every year is to try and find where I stashed the items. It never fails, someone will be get a gift this year, which was intended for last year, because I found it while sorting. A good deal of my holiday pre time is spent scratching my head saying “Didn’t I get…?”, “Where did I put…” and “I forgot I got this for…”.

Okay, coffee is done and I need to get rolling. I did want to leave you with a parting photo. It appears my sweet, beautiful kitty cat, Sunny, is getting into the spirit of the upcoming holiday. I snapped this picture Wednesday night and I thought you would get a kick out of it.


I hope you have a fantastic Friday, and happy writing!