Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4th Challenge

Hi it’s Christina –
Karolyn, Ed & Me
My nose looks HUGE!!

Good morning! Breakfast with Ed and Karolyn was lovely. Karo surprised us by treating. She had recently come in to a windfall of DD gift cards – she’s a CCD teacher, and class just wrapped up for the season. The DD cards were teacher’s gifts from her students. We got to chat for a little over an hour. Ed told us, and showed us photos, of his place in Wisconsin.

The view, he gets to wake up to every day, is amazing. His town only has about four hundred people. He has to drive over an hour for good pizza. It can get below negative 35 degrees sometimes in the winter, but he still made it sound like some place I would like to visit…in the summer of course.

Within half an hour of when I got home, Lys came home from visiting a friend at Rutgers the night before. I could tell she was tired, her and Megan probably stayed up chatting all night, but I put her to work anyway. Colby, which is Lys’ dog, had a few ticks on him. The ticks have been really bad for the past two weeks; we have all found ticks on ourselves. (I cringe just thinking about it.)

Colby is a quarter Golden and three quarters Collie, so his fur is really long, and really, really, thick; so I wondered if the Frontline wasn’t penetrating all the layers and that’s why, even though he was treated, we still kept finding ticks on him. It was time for drastic measures.

Colby fur
Lys grabbed Colby, and I grabbed the buzzer. The dog was going to get a summer cut, then a bath with flea and tick shampoo, and then a flea and tick collar. After fighting for almost an hour to get through his fur with the buzzer, I gave up and used the scissors. I figured if I could get the long stuff off, I could then buzz him to make it even.

Let’s just say, I seriously doubt I would ever have a future as a dog groomer. After two more hours of
More Colby Fur
snipping away, I tried to use the buzzer to even it out. The fur was still too thick, and I didn’t want to remove the guide from the buzzer because I didn’t want the haircut too short, and for Colby to end up getting sunburned.

Don't give up your day
job Mehma
He looks…interesting. His fur kinda has a rippled effect, and he sort of resembles a Golden Doodle. When my husband saw Colby, he laughed so hard, coffee came out of his nose. He was mostly laughing at the dog, but he was also laughing at me. I was covered, and I mean COVERED in dog hair. Even my shoes were furry. My clothes were so bad, I had to strip in the garage so as not to bring it into the house.
Unconscious puppy

After Colby’s haircut, the girls gave him a bath, something Colby absolutely hates. He was so exhausted, and so traumatized afterwards, I didn’t even scold him when he passed out on the couch.

(Sorry Facebook readers, if you want to see photos, you need to go to my blog.)

Okay, I figure I have about an hour left before the house wakes up, so I should go and get some editing done while it’s quiet. I hope you have a sensational day, and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge was:

A single candle burned in the window…

Okay folks, we are going to try something new, and stretch your comfort zone. This is going to be your prompt for the next three days, however, on Thursday, you need to write a Romance; on Friday, you need to write a mystery; and on Saturday, you need to write in a different genre / style of your choosing.

You’re my candle in the window, my port in the storm
The smile that greets me, to let me know I am home
My haven, my refuge, my glimpse of grace
My heart, my life, my gift from the fates
Every day I thank the lord above
Because he has blessed me with my one true love

Ten minutes goes by really quickly when you’re writing a poem.

Your Next Challenge is:

You were born, raised, and have lived a good chunk of your life in the middle of the country. Now, you get your an opportunity to travel to the coast, and you see the ocean for the first time.

You have ten minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go