Friday, May 23, 2014

May 23rd Challenge

Hi it’s Christina –

Good Morning! As predicted, I did get a panicked call yesterday from Lys. She got to the LIRR platform at Penn Station just as a train was pulling away, and she thought she had missed her train. I told her to relax and breathe. She still had eleven minutes before her train was supposed to be there. She insisted her ticket said 11:14, and I tried to reassure her the train wasn’t supposed to leave until 11:26, and she’d be fine. Then I told her to go ask someone.

She tried asking one of the cops, but he just grunted and pointed to the platform. I thought this was very strange, because whenever I have asked any NYPD for assistance, they went above and beyond to be helpful. Maybe she just happened to find the one cop who was either having a bad day or wasn’t feeling well, because, at least from my experiences, the response was totally out of character.

Then, teary eyed, she asked a train conductor, and he was very nice, and very helpful, and she was able to calm down. The poor thing was on the verge of a full blown panic attack, and there wasn’t a dang thing I could do to help her. Trying to stay calm and reassuring over the phone, when all I wanted to do was be there to help her, was a challenge, but we both survived.
She arrived, safe and sound, on time, to the Hicksville Station, and Tyler was there to greet her. Now that’s not to say he didn’t tease her mercilessly when she arrived. She was a little annoyed when she told me that, but I laughed, which I’m sure annoyed her more. Then I told her to shake it off, the first time for anything can be a bit overwhelming, but by the end of the summer, after she has done it a dozen times, it will be no big deal anymore.

As you know, I was a little apprehensive over attending last night’s writing group at our local library, and to be honest, when I got there and found out it was a critique group and we were supposed to bring something to critique, I was a little miffed. There had been nothing on line, and since I had missed last month’s meeting, I had no clue. Then again, there were four other new people who had come unprepared, and the two who had been at the first meeting, didn’t bring anything either.

So, instead, we spent the time getting to know each other. I did also find out why I never received a call back about starting the group. It seems the Library’s policy is a staff member needs to run the different functions sponsored by the library. Okay, fine, that makes perfect sense, and if they had just told me that, I wouldn’t have felt slighted. Am I wrong to think a phone call would have been common courtesy? Whatever, water under the bridge.

The moderator of the group liked the idea of a writing prompt group, and he is going to bounce the idea off the board. He works one Wednesday night a month, and as long as he’s there, in the building, if needed, I’d be able to have the group. So, I guess he’ll find out in the next few weeks, if I’ll be busy one Wednesday a month.

I also told him I had suggested and Authors’ Day, like the one they have in Princeton, and he said one was in the works. It’s slotted for end of October – beginning of November, and – of course – I told him I’d be more than willing to help him out. It is going to be opened up to town authors first, and then to authors in the surrounding towns. Space and logistics all need to be hammered out, and the planning is in its infantile state at the moment, but I’m excited about it.

This would mean I am helping out at two major events in town in roughly a two week period, and then, right on its heels, I’ll be jumping into NaNoWriMo. I seriously need my head examined!

Today I am turning off my phone, locking my doors, putting my blinders on, and editing. I have four solid hours I can devote to the book, and I should be able to make a serious dent in that time. I also plan on spending a majority of this weekend, locked away in seclusion. There’s only one week left in the month, and I HAVE TO FINISH! Then I will be hanging up my editing hat for a good long while (until another friend needs my help that is).

In June I plan on focusing on completing Faerie Tale Queen. July will be another Camp NaNo project. What do you think of “My Brother’s Best Friend” as a title? Ugh, NO, that won’t work. I just Googled it and there are several out by the same name. Okay folks, suggestions will be most welcomed. I’ll give you the recap of the story in a few days, and I’ll let you guys come up with a title. Dang, I can’t use “This Book Has No Title”, that’s taken too. LOL.
August through October, I am going to submerse myself in Simply By Chance. Y’all have waited long enough for the third book in the series, and its time I put on my big girl pants and kill the character already, so I can get on with the story.

Oh, by the way, I just reduced ALL my Kindle books to $2.99 – the lowest price they would allow in KDP. This is NOT a sale. This is their new every day price. I will run $0.99 sales whenever allowed by KDP, but I think a lower price will generate even more sales than I have been having lately. I can’t lower the cover price of the hard copies, but I can save my readers some on the Kindle copies.

At three, I’m taking Dani to get her eyebrows done, and then at four, she’s getting her hair cut; all in preparation for her Confirmation on June 8th. This will give her eyebrows time to heal after being abused, and time for her to get used to the hair cut.

Okay, if I want optimal time to spend editing, I need to boogie. I hope you have a great day, and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge was:

Use the following (chosen from a random page, from a random book on my shelf) in a story:

“So that’s it, then? Nothing I say is going to change her mind?”

“So that’s it, then? Nothing I say is going to change her mind?”

“Can you blame her Chase, after all she’s been through?”

“That’s just it. She’s been through so much. She shouldn’t be making big decisions at a time like this.”

“Oh, and I suppose you think she should be consulting you first. Is that it?”

“Damn right it is.”

“Why? Because you’ve always been there for her? Because you’ve always had her best interests at heart? Please.”

“Fine! I screwed up in the past. Is that what you want to hear? But for Christ’s sake Darla, that was fifteen years ago. I’ve changed. Amanda’s changed.” Chase raked is fingers through his hair. “I just wish I could get her to see that.”

Darla studied the dejected man as he stared unseeing toward the setting sun. He had changed. She realized that now, and she also realized he still loved her little sister. She blew out a breath, “Look. If you really want her see the new you, then go to her. Listen to what she has to say. But, whatever you do, refrain from trying to fix it. She’s a big girl now, and the last thing she needs or wants is you riding in on your white charger to save the day.”

Hmm, another one which could go further… You may be seeing this dialogue pop up in one of my future books.

Your Next Challenge is:

It looked so much nicer in the brochure…

You have ten minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count, and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.