Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –

First thing, I want to say Happy 68th Birthday to my mom! Love you!

Well, I did it again, not as bad as yesterday, but still. I can’t seem to put this book down! The last time that happened to me was when I read the Hunger Games series, and the time before that was Angels & Demons. The book I’m reading is The Bench by Linda Rawlins and it’s wonderful and if you like – dang, I don’t know how to classify this book. Perhaps if I tell you a little bit about it, you can classify it for yourself.

One of the main characters is Amy. Amy is a doctor who worked in a big Boston hospital; but after a home invasion leaves her sister dead and her niece in a coma, Amy finds she can no longer deals with the pressure of Boston, so she moves to a more quiet hospital in Vermont.

Next is Father Michael, a fairly young priest and psychologist who presides over the local parish and a retreat for priests who are having trouble dealing with the various stressors of their job.

Then you have Willow, a fifteen year old, who was raised by her grandmother because her mother, Marty, was an alcoholic and her father Bobby, didn’t want anything to do with either of them. After the grandmother dies under questionable circumstances, Willow is left a very rich little girl, and now suddenly her parents are back in her life. Marty goes to rehab so she can finally get sober and try to protect her daughter from Bobby, who basically is threatening Willow’s life so he can get his hands on the inheritance.

Rounding out the cast of characters are Tony, ex NYPD now bartender, three visiting priests, several doctors and nurses from the hospital and a local or two thrown in for good measure. The story weaves their lives together in a Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman meets Father Dowling sort of way. I have no idea what genre to stick this story in, but I know I am loving it! Another reason I’m excited, and I probably shouldn’t admit it, is I already have Linda Rawlins second book in the series, Fatal Breach, which I can start the second I finish The Bench. Here is the link to The Bench if you are interested (click on the link not the photo - sorry, you know me and technology). Hope you love it as much as I do!


Wednesday’s challenge was:


Ronald McDonald and the Burger King


Two weeks after King Bartholomew Burger died in a polo accident, his son Roland Burger was born, literally becoming king of Hamburgernia moments after his birth. Two years later, his mother, the queen, married Sir Edmund McDonald, and through that union, Roland was given a half-brother named Ronald. The two were typical siblings, playing together, laughing together, fighting together and with each other as siblings do; but as they grew their stations in life became more and more apparent. Roland was being groomed to become a true king, not just one in name only, and Ronald knew he would never be able to become king, for he had not been sired from royal bloodlines. By the time Ronald had completed his schooling, Roland had stepped fully into his role of ruling Hamburgernia and had very little time for his younger brother. Ronald understood this, and surprisingly did not resent his big brother, though he did vow that even though he could be not be a king of his beloved home, he would be a king in life and he set forth to build his own empire.


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