Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –

It’s Saturday, and apparently moving day. Not like it was completely unexpected, but a little notice would have been nice. Now my entire house is in a frenzy and I’m not feeling all that great. I was moving tables, chairs and stuff yesterday in the heat and I started feeling really sick. I guess I overheated myself even though I was only working for an hour or so and I was drinking the whole time. I felt so rotten, I even had to cancel a girls’ night at a friend’s house, which stunk because I was looking forward to it.

A pack of boys should be descending upon my house shortly – “the muscle”, therefore there will be no peace for several hours, so I thought I should get the blog done now.

Your Last Challenge was:


At last I reach my secret spot. The trek was more grueling today than usual because of all the rain we’ve had, but it was so worth it. I pulled my shirt over my head, shimmied out of my shorts, adjusted my bathing suit, and slowly glided into the heavenly water.  I waded out waist deep before I dove into the deeper pool, swam under the waterfall and climbed onto the ledge at the base of the falls. This was my favorite place, standing behind the falls. There was something almost magical being protected and dry in the cave as the rushing water hid my existence from the world. Cautiously I step out onto a flat rock and let the smaller fall pour down over me and let the water wash away my stress.  


Too many distractions and noise to write! I’ll start early tomorrow morning before anyone is awake. Have a great day!


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 I’m going to miss…


You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.