Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 20th

I just realized I forgot to post yesterday's blog, so here it is, a day late:

Hi it’s Christina –

Good Morning! Well it’s Friday, and we made it through another week. I don’t know about you, but this week has been a little crazy. I feel like I’m running and running and running, but not getting much done. Unfortunately, today’s not going to be much different.

As soon as Dani gets out of the shower (yes a teenager on summer vacation is up and in the shower before 8:00 am), I have to hop in. Then we are headed off to a family from church’s house – out in the middle of nowhere. They are going to Chicago for ten days, and Dani is going to be watching their dog. It’s a pretty sweet deal. The dad isn’t going to Chicago because he can’t get off from work, so he will be home normal hours, but the mom didn’t want the dog left alone all day. So, Dani has to go over in the afternoon, give the dog a treat, let him out, and play with him for an hour, and she’ll get $10 a day.

Lys isn’t too happy about it because this is the family she babysits for, and she couldn’t watch the dog because she was in Florida, so she recommended Dani; but she thinks, on the days she is home and has to drive Dani up there, she should be getting ½ of the money. Ahhh, no. If she insists, then I’m going to tell her fine, but then she has to pay for the gas going to and from her training for her summer job. I’m thinking she’ll back down real quick.

I get it, she’s trying to make as much money as possible before she goes back to school, but come on. Her sister is fifteen years old, and this will probably be her only job all summer. I will make one concession, next Wednesday, Dani is going with me and won’t be available to play with the dog, so Lys can have the $10 for that day. Sometimes my kids make me twitch! LOL

After we get the dog deal hammered out, we are headed to DMV. I only have ten days left on my driver’s license, so I need to get a new one. I’m hoping I don’t have to come up with a hundred and two ways to prove I’m me. (Photo ID, old Driver’s License, Passport, SS Card, Utility Bill, etc.) It was absolutely ridiculous the last time I went to get my license renewed. I think they stay up late at night thinking up ways to make our lives more difficult. At least I will be going to the Flemington DMV, and the folks there are so very nice, pleasant, courteous, efficient… Can you believe I’m saying that about a DMV? Well it’s true. Ooo, perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything because now all the Jersey folks will go to the Flemington DMV and it will get crowded. No, stay away, they’re terrible there… J
Archie, the greeter in
Flemington, ShopRite

From there, we’ll be going to ShopRite, because if I hear “There’s nothing to eat in the house!” one more time, there will be bloodshed. There can be no complaining about the food if the culprit comes shopping with me.

My final project for the day is reclaiming my bedroom. We brought all our summer clothes up from the basement, but I hadn’t packed up the winter clothes yet, so my room looks like a bomb blew up in it. We have a tiny, forty-nine year old, three bedroom ranch. My hubby and I share a five foot long by two foot deep closet, in a fourteen foot square room. There is no room for two seasons of clothing.

Okay, Dani’s out of the shower, so it’s my turn. I didn’t leave myself the ten minutes needed to do the prompt, so you’ll get a new writing challenge tomorrow. I hope you have a fantastic day, and happy writing!