Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7th Challenge

Hi it’s Christina –

Good morning and happy 250th day of 2014. Can you believe how quickly this year is flying by?

Remember I told you about a young lady I met at my last book signing named Jessica? Anyway, she’s sweet, and we’ve emailed back and forth a few times. In one of her emails she said she hadn’t had much time to work on her writing because she was busy making jewelry for a craft show. I told her that if she sent me the details and a few photos of her work, I would give her a shout-out here on my blog.

The email came Friday, but I didn’t see it until after I posted my blog yesterday, but I don’t think it matters much because the show isn’t until November 15th, so you still have plenty of time. It will run from 9 – 3 at Bensalem High School, 4319 Hulmeville Rd, Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020. So if you are in the area, and like craft fairs, stop by and visit Jessica and her sister Angel’s table and say “Hi”.

Unfortunately, I am already booked for that weekend, so I will not be able to attend. It’s a shame because I LOVE going to “small town” craft fairs. One of my favorites is the one they have in Chester, New Jersey. It practically encompasses the entire town. I haven’t been in years, but I’m pretty sure they still do it. OH BEANS – I just looked it up and it was THIS weekend, and I’m busy today. I guess there’s always next year…

Yesterday’s going away party for my nephew was nice. I could have dealt with not playing cards until midnight because I’m seriously dragging tail this morning, but I guess it was worth it. As usual, I scored smack in the middle. Dani won followed by her dad, and I can’t remember if it was Fran or Carl who lost, but we had fun.

I’ll be leaving in a few minutes to go to church. There’s a whole lot going on there today, so I’m going to help out. It’s going to be a zoo. Today is the first day of Sunday School, so there’s going to be the insanity of registration and helping the kids find their classes. It’s Communion Sunday, so that has to be done, and Dani and I are helping with the Hearts & Hands booth (handmade crafts which are sold to help fund mission projects). The place should be hopping.

Okay, I need to boogie. My mom called and I need to go find the dream catchers Lys made for the booth.

I hope you have a great day, and happy writing!

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