Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 13th Challenge

Hi it’s Christina –

Good morning! I received my confirmation for the Collingswood Book Festival in the mail yesterday. I was assigned slot 208. 208! There are going to be over 200 book related vendors at this show! I knew it was going to be big, but this isn’t big, it’s HUGE! So hey, if you don’t have plans for Saturday, October 11th, and you love books, you should consider a trip to Collingswood, NJ. The street fair starts at 9:00, and I think it runs until 4:00.

Between Milford Alive on Saturday, September 27th, and Collingswood, I knew I needed certain supplies – a folding table, a cart, and a tent – so I ordered them, but then I got to thinking that a simple white tent was too plain and I should jazz it up a little. So yesterday, I played around on VistaPrint and designed a banner. I thought I could hang it in the tent. What do you think?

I convinced my hubby to come and help me that day, and I think Dani will be coming too, so I thought we should all have matching t-shirts for the day. Yeah, I know, I’m a dork. Here’s what they look like. Again, what do you think?

I know I’m spending a little more than I should, and I’m going to have to sell a bunch of books to hit the break even, but all of the things I’m ordering can be used at future events. When I have smaller shows, I can attach the banner to the front of my table. Now that I have a tent and my own table, I can look into other street fairs; and the cart and my t-shirt can be used at every event I do. Logical or am I just justifying?

If you know “the real me”, then chances are you are friends with me on Facebook, so you know this story already. However, if you’re not, I’ll fill you in. We have a bit of a mystery going on right now in my town. On the 8th, there was a big hullabaloo a few miles from my house. I’m talking the emergency vehicles blocking off the streets for several hours. Accounts from local residents confirmed a body was removed from the residence, the county prosecutor’s office was represented, and there was at least one FBI officer on scene, but in what capacity, it is not clear.

Here’s the mystery. There is not one shred of news about what happened. Please keep in mind, in our town if a car with a flat tire snarls traffic, it is news worthy and gets a mention. Some folks suggested that perhaps they were waiting to notify the next of kin or that perhaps the family did not want details revealed, especially if it was a suicide. I disagree.

If a person is murdered, it doesn't really make a difference what the family wants (not saying this is right, but it is a fact). Even during an "on-going investigation", details still slip out. It is the complete lack of details which is throwing up the red flags for me,and I'm sure others too. If the poor soul who passed away was just some joe-schmo, by either natural or nefarious reasons, there would have been no hesitation by the authorities to make some sort of statement, even if it was "we cannot comment at this time", but we don't even have that.

It's like the press has been issued with a gag order. There is no mention of the incident anywhere. Like MIB were called in, and everyone's memory was erased. Who was the person? What were they doing there? Did they belong there? What happened? Did someone do this TO them? Who was that person? What was their connection? Where either parties involved someone of importance? (Don't misinterpret that please, everyone is important - you know what I mean.) Maybe it's the writer's brain kicking in, but I think something fishy is going on.

I agree that IF it was a suicide, then it's no one's business, however, more times than not, those details do leak out as well - which IMO is sad. Regardless, even in those cases, a mention of "police activity at such-and-such address" does make the paper, even if there are no details. If they had done that, my imagination would not be working overtime.

All sorts of scenarios are playing through my brain - politician - clandestine meeting - homeland security - sleeper cell - the possibilities are endless. And IF this somehow did involve homeland security, we will never know. (Supposedly there were folks in plain clothes there that no one could guess their affiliation, and it all adds up to way too much activity for a suicide.)

What do you think? Does this add up for you? Perhaps a future foray for me can be a true mystery novel. Yes my novels now contain mystery and suspense, but…

I hope you have a fantastic day, and happy writing!

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