Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24th Challenge

Hi it’s Christina –

Good Morning! Well, it’s official. I will be a guest on Ron Shaw’s radio show, on the ArtistFirst RadioNetwork, on Monday, September 15th, at 8 pm. After chatting with him for over an hour last night, he wore me down and I agreed to do the show. Lord only knows what you’re going to get, ‘cause this guy’s a hoot. There was a whole lot of laughing going on during our conversation.

I’m still really nervous. It’s a live show with twelve million listeners worldwide. Hopefully my tongue won’t get too tied. We hit so many different topics during our phone call, I have absolutely no idea what direction the interview is going to go, but I think that will turn out to be a good thing. If I know what’s coming, then my answers will sound rehearsed, and I’d come off sounding like a commercial instead of a real person.

I know one thing that will undoubtedly get screwed up, Ron – or as he likes to be called “Whale” – will end up using my real name during the interview, instead of my pen name. The story behind the pen name is marginally interesting, and now that my kids are older, it doesn’t really matter much anymore, so I guess I’ll be “outed” on international radio. Oh well, c’est la vie. LOL.

Now that we are in the last week of Camp NaNoWriMo, my brain has the consistency of scrambled eggs, which is making coming up with daily writing prompts a challenge. Anytime you folks want to chime in with some suggestion, I’d be happy to have them. Send‘um on over.

I only lasted half an hour longer at work yesterday than I did on Tuesday. I came home laid down for a couple hours, then dragged Dani with me to a long overdue trip to the grocery store. Basically I hung on to the carriage while Dani did all the work. She was a huge help. The back is a whole lot better today, but I am still going to take it real slow so I don’t mess it up again.

RV has an early appointment, so I only have time for the blog today. Maybe, if it’s quiet when I get home, I’ll be able to work on FTQ, but I’m not holding my breath. Oh well, I hope you have a fabulous day, and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge was:

What is that stuff all over you?

“Eww, Josh, what is that stuff all over you?”

“I have no idea. Find me a towel or something will you?” He pleaded while he tried to wipe the sticky green gunk from his eyes and face.

Lauren found the box marked ‘Kitchen Linens’, tore off the packing tape, and grabbed a handful of dish towels. “What the heck happened?”

“I was putting a box in the back bedroom closet, and the next thing I knew, I was covered in this stuff.”

“Where did it come from?”

Josh paused in his wiping. “Sorry, I wasn’t about to take the time to investigate while I had slime dripping from me.”

Lauren touched a spot on his arm and pulled away a drop of the substance, rubbed it between her fingers, then brought it up to her nose and smelled it. “Phew, it stinks.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.”

“I put the boxes with the bathroom supplies in our bathroom. Why don’t you go take a shower, and I’ll try to figure out what happened.” She handed him a plastic bag. “Here. Put your clothes in this. I’m not putting whatever that is in our new washer.”


Did you figure out where this one was going? A young couple just moved in to a new house…

Your Next Challenge is:

This ought to be good…

You have ten minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count, and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.