Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22nd Challenge

Hi it’s Christina –

Good Morning! No birthday shout outs today. The beach was nice yesterday, and since I spent most of my time under an umbrella writing, I’m not a crispy critter, which is good.

I did get in the water, but it was still cold and a bit rough for my taste. Normally, I’m usually one to be in there, jumping the waves with the kids, but with my back being sore and the chance the cold water would make it cramp more, the rough surf and a pretty strong under tow, I was apprehensive. I would have been content to stay on the edge of the breakers, but the rocks and broken shells were murder on my feet, so I ventured in. As you can tell, because you are reading this now, I survived.

Writing on the beach went much better this time, but it was not an easy chore. The glare, even with the umbrella, was a challenge. I could see the words on the screen fairly well, but finding my mouse proved frustrating. I was fine as long as I was just typing, but if I had to go back and fix something or add something, it was a chore. That, paired with the distractions on the beach, had me quitting after I finished chapter 42.

It was nice having a change of venue, and I absolutely love being by the ocean, but there is one definite draw back to me being at the beach. I think it has something to do with the salty air. When I’m at the beach, I can literally eat all day. I finished an entire sub, a bag of chips, a bunch of cherries, a pack of cookies, and then on the way home, we stopped for ice cream. Even though I would love to go to the beach every day, if I did, I’d run the risk of getting harpooned, because I would look like a beached whale. I’m sure I burn off a lot of the calories trudging through the sand and playing in the surf, but…

The first few hours of today, I spent chatting on line with author and radio personality Ron Shaw. I’m really enjoying getting to know him, he’s a neat guy. This whole being an author thing has opened the doors to so many wonderful new experiences and amazing people, experiences I would never have had if I hadn’t got up the nerve to submit my first book. I doubt I will ever become wealthy from my writing, but I can definitely say I have become richer for it.

Since my conversation this morning doesn’t count toward my word count goal (too bad because it would have probably boosted me another 1K words), I should boogie if I want to get anything done before I have to get ready for work. I hope you have a terrific day, and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge was:

Use the following: Sitting on the floor, A Knife, Newspaper

Wrapping, not a fan. But here I am, just like every week before Christmas, sitting on the floor, wrapping paper and presents spread all around, tape stuck on my arm, and my sharpest knife in hand. I don’t use scissors, I can’t get a straight line with them if I tried.

I’m trying to stay in the holiday spirit, really I am, but I keep finding myself grumbling. The deal was, if I shopped – which my husband hated, he would wrap – which I hate; but somehow that promise has fallen by the wayside. Now I do all the shopping AND all the wrapping, while he sits on the couch and watches the idiot box.

I’ve tackled all the standard box sized items, and all that’s left are the unusual shaped gifts. The small ones are not an issue, but I keep eyeing the giant stop sign we got our son as a decoration for his man cave. It would take an entire roll of wrapping paper just to cover it, and, being the scrooge I am, I don’t want to waste an entire roll on one gift. Newspaper it is. I’ll just decorate it with some of the more colorful Christmas ads.

Your Next Challenge is:

Since I haven’t done one in quite a while, today’s challenge is a photo challenge.

You have ten minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count, and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.