Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19th

Hi it’s Christina –

not my kitchen, but close
Good Morning! I woke up at five today so I would time to get a little writing done before I needed to get ready and leave for my book signing, but then I went into the kitchen to make coffee, and realized I forgot to do the dishes last night. Then of course the sink was messy, so I had to scrub that. Oh yeah, I promised Lys I would soak the top to her water bottle in bleach to clean it – hmm, I should do that to the travel mug lids while I’m at it…

I finally drag myself out of my distracting kitchen, and sit down at my computer, but I’m munching on a cinnamon roll, so I can’t exactly write. So I go take a look at Facebook. My first stop, every day, is the birthday reminders. I try very hard to wish everyone a HBD on their birthday, and I feel bad when I miss. (I know, I’m a kook, but you already know that.)

Then I noticed my cousin posted a photo with “Happy Birthday in Heaven” written as the comment. That made me want to share a song I had saved down to my timeline. After half an hour of hunting, one posted plea for “does anyone know an easier way to do this”, and one failed brainstorm of – Ooo, I sent this to Lisa, so the link should be in one of my messages to her (it wasn’t), over an our was wasted.

Then a back and forth chat with Ron Shaw about doing an interview on his
radio show, sucked up the rest of my expendable time, so this will be just a blog post today, without a challenge. I’m not complaining, it was all good. The chat, not the hunting for the link – I’m still a bit steamed over that. It was a youtube video of a girl singing a song about a friend going to Heaven. The song was amazing and comforting. The girl’s voice was phenomenal. I can’t remember the name of the song or the girl, so I can’t go hunting for it on youtube.

There needs to be a better way to find things on your timeline. I don’t understand why Facebook doesn’t do something as simple as have an “only me” folder, so when you share something with an “only me” status, it dumps it in there. I don’t know how many recipes and “home remedies” I have shared via “only me”, but when I go hunting for a new idea for dinner, or can’t remember if it’s vinegar or baking soda what gets out a grape juice stain, I can never find the post. If they automatically went to an “only me” folder, I’d know exactly where to look. Y’all know what a technological ditz I am, but seriously folks, this seems like a no-brainer, don’t you think?

So the reason for the back and forth between Ron and me, is his radio show is LIVE. I’m not sure I can be entertaining for an entire hour. Yup, you read that correctly, an HOUR long interview. I made Ron a deal. I said we chat on the phone FIRST. If, after our conversation, he still feels he wants me to do his show, then I will. If not, no hard feelings.

He agreed, but said he has read my blog, so he knows I’d be fine. Yeah, my blog, written word, where I can backspace and delete where needed. Ya can’t exactly do that on LIVE radio.

Oh yeah, did I mention, each segment is archived and can be accessed at any time via the radio’s website? So when I stick my size nine foot in my mouth, which I’m sure I will, it will be out there for all eternity. My only hope is for a bleep delay – I’ve been known to let a “D*mn” or “H*]]” or “S&*T”, among other things, slip from time to time in conversation.

I’ll keep you updated as to when and if I’ll be doing the interview. Okay, it’s time for me to hop in the shower. Wish me luck at the book signing. It’s cloudy right now, so I am hoping the weather holds out (the signing is outside). I hope you have an exceptional day, and happy writing!