Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2nd

Hi, it’s Christina –

Good morning! So for the past two days I have been telling you about this marketing event I have been involved in. It has been amazing. I have boosted my Facebook exposure by over 50% and I have met some pretty neat folks in the process. Now I’m looking forward to the event being over so I can go back and poke around all the new pages and get to know these new authors.

Having to cook and maneuver in my mother’s small kitchen last night made me REALLY appreciate my kitchen. It’s not huge, but it is a nice size – second largest room in my house, but I have a 48 year old ranch so that’s not saying too much. The limited amount of space definitely contributed to dinner getting on the table at seven instead of six, which was something we didn’t need last night. I found out on NYE that my darling daughter had a paper she needed to write over the winter break and she hadn’t finished it yet. She just had some final touches to add and polish it up, but it wasn’t done and the hour delay didn’t help the situation. I felt bad having to eat and run last night, but what could we do? Dani needed to get her homework done before school today.

So today, before the blizzard hits, we are headed up to the mall (YUCK) so Lys can exchange a few things, then we are off to Costco so my mom can pick up all the supplies for the New Year’s breakfast at church on Sunday. I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to attend the breakfast this year because I will be driving Lys back to college. I’m usually in the kitchen with several other ladies preparing the feast. We have such a blast when we’re all together – it’s usually a very silly and enjoyable morning even though we are all slaving away at hot stoves.

I just realized the time, so I have to run. My mom is going to be here in a few minutes. I don’t even have time to do the writing challenge, so you are getting a one day reprieve. Chat with you tomorrow. I hope you have a fabulous day, and happy writing!