Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10th Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –

Wow, this week is flying by, isn’t it?

Thankfully, while running around with RV yesterday, I was able to get some things done, which I needed to do, so I don’t have to run around like a chicken with its head chopped off tomorrow. RV needed to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Marshall’s to return some things; and while we were there, I was able to run into Costco to get the candy for Saturday. (I keep a candy dish on my book signing table.) She also needed to stop at Wal-Mart, so I was able to get some stuff for the kid’s Easter baskets.

Today we are going over to Kohl’s. She needs to pick up something for her son for his birthday, and while we’re there, she agreed to be my sounding board so I can get a top and pants double as my outfit for Saturday’s Authors Fair and for Easter. I wanted something light, bright, and springy, but I really have to watch my color selection or I’ll look ill. It’s weird. Take peach, which I love, for example. If there are too many pink undertones, I look like I’m blushing; but if there are too many yellow undertones, I look sallow. On rare occasions, I can find the ideal shade of peach that actually looks good on me.

I have much better luck with dark and cool colors, but they monopolize my wardrobe, and I wanted something different this time. I know if I went alone and tried to select something out of my comfort zone, I’d vacillate and end up purchasing more of what’s already in my closet. RV’s a bit of a fashionista, so if she says “yuck” or “looks good”, I’d go with her opinion.

The way we worked out our schedule today, we’ll have about an hour and a half at Kohl’s before she needs to get to PT. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that’s I’ll be able to find something so I don’t need to worry about it on Friday. Then, all I need to do tomorrow is a bank run to get change (I’m hoping to sell at least a few books on Saturday), get all my supplies packed up into my rolling suitcase, and then get my hair cut at 4:30. The outfit I get today may also determine if I need to purchase new shoes tomorrow as well, but I don’t want to think about that.

Okay, time to get lunches going, and then I have a little over an hour to work on FTQ. I hope y’all have a terrific day, and happy writing!

Your Last Challenge was:

One red shoe…

There it was, just lying by the side of the road. I’m surprised I even noticed it. If it wasn’t for the traffic, I probably wouldn’t have, but my slow crawled approach had me staring at it for quite some time. From a distance, it was just a reflection on the shoulder which caught my eye. Originally I had thought it was the remains of a broken taillight, but as I drew closer, it began to take form. There, completely upright, perfectly lovely, looking like someone had just stepped out of it, was one ruby-red, high-heeled, slipper.

Since I had an inordinate amount of time to ponder while my car inched along, I began to wonder about that one red shoe. How did it get there? Where was its owner? Where had it been? Had the owner been abducted, and in her struggle, lost her shoe? Had she been hanging her feet out of the car window after a wild bachelorette party, and it had fallen off? Had her car broken down and she had to walk for help, then decided it was too hard to walk in heels? Oh, that wouldn’t work. She would have carried her shoes. But what if she couldn’t? What if her hands were full? If that were the case, she wouldn’t have just taken off one shoe, so where’s the other one?

Scenario after scenario played in my brain until, there it was, just lying by the side of the road, a wrapped box with a yellow ribbon. I wonder what could be inside?

Your Next Challenge is:

(S)He was just the gal/guy next door…

You have 10 minutes (be honest). There is no right or wrong, just write. Spelling and punctuation don’t count and NO ONE is allowed to criticize what someone else has written. Go.