Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th Challenge

Hi it’s Christina –

Good Morning! Holy Moses, who turned off the heat? Good grief! I swear it’s like someone flipped a switch. I woke up to 34 degrees! I’m SO not ready for it to be cold again.

Things were a little rushed yesterday morning with having to bring Lexi and Christopher home, and I forgot to grab my pashmina as I went out the door. When I got to Peddler’s Village, I was freezing. I got there a little early, and I had a few minutes before I had to set up, so I went to find a sweater or something. I found one similar to this one, on sale, for $20. It’s all cotton, and so soft. I thought it would look good with the dress I got for my reunion. Paulie says I look like a bat in it, but I like it.

It was Sam, Karen and I again at the signing, so y’all know we had a good time, and we all did relatively well as far as sales go. Sam thinks I should change my grabber (you have all of about six seconds to grab people’s attention as they are walking by). 

I go for the humorous approach – “I write historical and contemporary romance, but 40% of my historical readers are men, because my main characters are part of the British Secret service, so there’s murder, mayhem, mystery, suspense, kidnapping, bar room brawls, but because there’s sex and a happy ending, I’m a romance writer.” Yup, all in six seconds.

It makes folks laugh, and many do stop so I can talk to them a little more, but Sam says my books deserve a more serious approach – “they are too good and you are not giving them enough credit” – I appreciate the compliment on my writing abilities, and I love the fact that he wants me to sell more books at these events, but I don’t know if I can do what he suggests. I don’t know if I can make it feel natural, and I like to make people laugh.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to sell more books, and because I have more than one book to sell, the return customer is more important to me than the initial sale. Also, after these events, my sales of my Kindle books go up. 

So, with the exception of Milford Alive which was a total bust, I don’t mind only selling one or two books at these events. I love meeting the people, talking to them, seeing the kids smile when I offer them candy, and watching the tails of my four legged friends wag when I give them a cookie. Success should not always come down to dollars and cents.

All of the photos in today's blog are from the Scarecrow Festival at Peddler's Village. As to be expected, there were several Frozen inspired scarecrows this year. 

I love the one of Sven, and completely agree with its blue ribbon status. If you have any time between now and October 26th (I think), you should get over to Peddler’s Village and check out all of the scarecrows. Some of them are quite imaginative. Sorry for all the crazy paragraph breaks, I wanted to get in as many picture as I could in this post.

On a more serious note, today marks the two year anniversary of my son’s best friend’s death in a tragic motorcycle accident. It is hard to believe two years have passed already. Bobby was such a sweet and amazing kid, who touched the lives of everyone around him. Since his family lives in Florida, and he is buried up here, I will make sure his grave has flowers on it today.

Bobby will probably be rolling his eyes at me for doing it – he wasn’t exactly a flower type of guy – well not flowers for him that is. I would have done the same for his birthday a few weeks ago, but to be honest, by the time I remembered it was his birthday, it was too late at night to do anything. Donna, Bob, Amy, Kevin & Keith – you are in my heart and in my prayers, more today than always.

Okay, I have a bunch of stuff I have to do today, so I should get moving. I hope you have a great day, and happy writing!

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