Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24th 2015 Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –

Good Morning! How have y’all been? I feel like I haven’t chatted with you in ages. Sorry about that, it’s been a little hectic around here, but what else is new, right?

Today’s blog is going to be a little different. A special little treat for you…

As has happened several times before, through social media I have found a real friend, a kindred spirit, and I would like to introduce her to you. Please meet author Lizabeth Scott

Lizabeth Scott… in her own words…

In middle school I discovered my first romance novel by Emily Loring. I quickly read everything “romance” my small town library had on its shelves. I needed more, so with the bravery and/or ignorance of youth, I began to write my own stories. Just for me, nobody even knew that I was writing. 

Years go by and writing became dormant as my life evolved. Other things like school, husband, and children took precedence in my life. But through it all, my love for reading never dimmed. I was and still am a voracious reader. I can never get enough!

Our two children are now grown and out on their own and that little spark that had been in hibernation for years began to sizzle and then burst into blazing flames. Thanks to a Facebook friendship with my favorite author of all times, I began to write at her prompting. Just a scene at first, I was actually shocked that is wasn’t too bad. 

It happened slowly. The more I wrote, the more I loved it. No one was more surprised than I was when months later I finished my first book. And absolutely no one was more surprised than I was when I published Sweet Surrender.

Currently I am working a full time job, squeezing writing in when I can, and dreaming of one day…


Lizabeth is well on her way to fulfilling that dream. She has two different series, The Royal Vow & Hearts of Gold. Royal Vow starts off with Sweet Royal Beginnings – A FREE Novella. (You know how much I like a bargain – and with it being FREE, you can check out her writing style to see if you like it.) The link to it, as well as all of Lizabeth’s books, can be found under the photos. Below is a brief blurb about each of her books.

Royal Vow Series

SweetRoyal Beginnings - Jane & Mike

Sweet Royal Beginnings
Abandoned at birth, Jane Smith didn’t have much experience with the elusive emotion of love. Frankly, she didn’t even believe that any such emotion existed. After all she had gotten along just fine all on her own for twenty some years. She certainly didn’t need some obnoxious, over inflated, egotistical man coming into her world and turning it upside down.

“Mike” thought entirely too highly of himself, and Jane was one woman that would not fall at his feet just because he was a prince (and probably the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life). His strong broad shoulders and dark brown hair or his midnight blue eyes did nothing for her, nor did his whiskey smooth accent send messages of warning to her female parts.

Sweet Surrender – Mari & Ki 

Sweet Surrender
Small town waitress, Mari Roe, can’t believe the tall, dark, and tasty guy that just walked into her restaurant. There is something about him that makes her lose all reason. When he invites her to join him on the remainder of his business trip, Mari puts her foot down. Someone like him is only interested in someone like her for one reason.

Prince Kiliad SuMartra can’t believe his eyes when a feisty harem girl accosts him in the parking lot of a greasy spoon restaurant. Mari excites him in ways that he has never experienced before. He is totally smitten by her gentleness and innocence. Keeping his identity from her is a decision that he may live to regret.

Sweet Denial – Ella & Zahir 

Sweet Denial
Ella had loved Prince Zahir secretly since she'd met him at her sister’s wedding. She'd thought he'd felt the same way, only to have her heart crushed when he chose another. For years she avoided him at all costs. She tried to move on, but it just wasn’t in the cards. When circumstances brought them back together, Ella found out some hard truths. Could she forgive him? Could they start over? Or had too many secrets spoiled what might have been?

Zahir made the decision to send her away for her own good. It was the hardest thing he had ever done. He spent years secretly watching over her until he thought she was ready for what he had to offer. Did he make the biggest mistake of his life? By never revealing his secrets could he have lost the love of his life? He refused to accept that. He must prevail and convince Ella that what they felt for each other was too strong to ignore.

Sweet Seduction – Kassie & Taj  

Sweet Seduction
Kassie had no time in her life for Prince Tajeria SuMartra. Her focus had to be on helping her mom raise her four younger sisters and keep their business going. So, when Prince Taj literally knocked her off her feet, she couldn’t understand why she allowed him into her life and into her arms.

Taj knew the moment he saw Kassie that she would somehow change his life. The only problem was she ran away before he could even get her name. The second time their paths crossed he not only found out her name but also the location of her family’s bakery. Now he had to get Kassie to admit that what they had together was more than just a passing attraction.

Sweet Temptation – Chellie & Siran COMING SOON

With exams over, Chellie was on her way to Cabo with her college roommate to celebrate the end of their junior year until her roommate had to cancel. After driving for hours to get to her parents’ house, she was only interested in falling into her bed and sleeping around the clock. What she didn’t expect was to have her fantasy dream come to life and derail her future. Her one night of passion cost her the respect of her parents and friends, ended her college career, and made her boss think she was an easy target. What that one magical night gave her was her most precious possession.

Siran had quite the playboy image as the fourth SuMartra son. He worked hard, and he played hard. If you believed everything written about him, he had a different woman every week, drank to excess, and loved the fast life. So of course he took advantage of the warm and willing body in the bed he fell into to sleep off his drunken stupor.

Hearts of Gold Series

A Sheik for Rose
Rose overheard her boss, the only reason they chose her to represent Royston Oil was because Sheik Rashid had a thing for blonde busty women. Instead of getting angry at their obvious stereotyping she decided to show them a thing or two. She would get the Sheik's signature on the oil processing rights by using nothing more than her skills and intelligence. It was time she shook up the “Old Boy’s Club.”

What Rose hadn’t planned on was the infuriating rudeness of Sheik Rashid. But, she had a plan. He had cancelled on her for the last time. Little did Rose know, but her plan would lead to a night of unrivaled sensuality and pleasure at the hands of one annoying Sheik.


Okay, so now we come to the real reason behind this blog post. Lizabeth’s BRAND NEW book A Star for Annie is coming out Wednesday, April 1st, on our SHARED birthday. How cool is that? She gets to release a book on her birthday, and I get to ask for the book as a birthday present (I dropped a not so subtle hint to my hubby.)

A Star for Annie
Come on board The Carter Ryan - World Storm Tour with an all access backstage pass. Go behind the scenes and become part of crew who take the world by storm!

Dr. Sylva Ann Gold found herself without a job and music’s headliner Carter Ryan discovered he needed a nanny for his daughter. But not just any nanny, he wanted Dr. Gold.

Annie and Carter jumped on the tour bus and clashed at every bump in the road, the chemistry between them became impossible to ignore. An innocent slip of the towel and their attraction finally reached the boiling point.

Were they victims of circumstance, or was there something more?


Sweet Royal Beginnings, as I said, is a novella, and it’s only around 50 pages. Sweet Surrender is a little over twice as long, but the remaining books are in the 155-165 page range. They are all $2.99 (except the free novella). They are all intended for mature audiences, so don’t let the “sweet” name or sweet covers mislead you (like what happened on my book, A Second Chance).

You can find Lizabeth's books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Kobo. Her website will give you excerpts from each of the books, as well as links to her blog, Twitter and Facebook page.

Oh, and by the way, the third book in Lizabeth’s Hearts of Gold series, A Cowboy for Mary, will be coming out soon as well – so you won’t have to wait too long.

I don’t know about you, but all of these look fabulous. Obviously I won’t be able to get through the whole Royal Vow series before my birthday, but I will definitely try to squeeze in A Sheik for Rose between now and then.

As always, when I’ve been away from y’all for a while, my first day back’s blog tends to be lengthy, so I will stop this here. I’ll check back soon and update you on what’s happening in my world and with the actual link to A Star for Annie.

I hope you have a fantastic day, and happy writing!

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