Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 28th Challenge

Hi it’s Christina –

Good morning! Not much to tell you about today, so the blog is going to be short.

I talked to Lys yesterday. She liked both of her T/TH classes – religion & psych. Her M/W/F classes are Italian and Criminal Justice 101. She’s not thrilled with her Italian class, partly because she didn’t want to have to take a language in college, partly because the professor spent the entire class plus an extra ten minutes rambling on about herself, and partly because the books, tape and workbook she needs for the class are $200.

When she go to her CJ101 class, the first thing the professor did was hand out a test to see where the class stood. Lys pretty much aced the test, and the professor called her up to talk to her about it. That’s when she told him she took five CJ classes last year, to which he replied, “Then why did they put you in 101?” The two of them looked over the curriculum and determined there were a few things he taught that she had not had before, and she would need for future classes.

He was really cool about it and told her he would be looking to her to help clarify things and to assist other classmates. So basically, Lys has one slam dunk class this semester. It’s okay. This way she can focus extra time in Italian, because that will most likely be her biggest challenge since she isn’t into the class.

Last night on campus they had a hypnotist, and Lys went to the show. Other than “he’s really good”, I didn’t get to talk to her about the show. Tonight I believe they are having movie on the lawn, but I don’t know if she’ll be going.

One little bit of exciting news is Lara, Lys’ roommate, rescued a puppy, so now they are the proud parents of a 12 week old beagle mix named Chloe. She’s adorable. Lara and Lys’ schedules don’t overlap much, so Chloe will not be home alone for any length of time. Hopefully she did not inherit the howler gene, or the girls will have trouble getting any studying or sleeping done. This is going to be good. Lys will get a firsthand taste of how much work a puppy really is.

Okay, I need to run because RV has an early appointment and then her daughter has a dentist appointment, so I am going to be running all day. I hope you have a wonderful day, and happy writing!

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