Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27th Challenge

Hi it’s Christina –

Good morning! Let me tell you, getting back into the swing of things has not been easy. I was so exhausted last night, I never made it to my writing group, and you know how much I love going to them. Even after a short nap yesterday afternoon when I got home from work didn’t help.

I feel a little more human today, but I’m still tired. That’s why I didn’t do my blog right away this morning. Instead, I spent two hours going through the 200+ emails I received during the four days I did not have internet access, and responding where needed.

Mine's not quite so volatile,
but you get the drift...
Now that August is drawing to a close, I also checked out my stats on Amazon to see if the changes I made at the beginning of the month had any lasting effects. Unfortunately, it is not looking that way. Granted, my rankings are higher than they were at the beginning of the month, but they did not sustain the high rankings I hit when I first made the changes. If I can just get the final two review I need to participate in the one promotion I’d like to take a part in, the results might be better; but until I can get those last two reviews, I’m out of luck. (So, if you have read A Second Chance, and have not posted a review yet, it would be MUCH appreciated!!!)

I heard from Lys yesterday after she was done with her first class. The class fulfills her religion requirement for HPU, and she was not looking forward to having to take it. Luckily she was pleasantly surprised. She said the class and the professor seemed really interesting. Her second class yesterday was psych, so she was looking forward to it. At Champlain, her first year concentrated on the criminal justice portion of her major, and this year was supposed to concentrate on the psychology portion, and she was a little worried that by transferring to HPU she would have to wait another year before she could start on her psych requirements. As you can see, she didn’t have to wait.

I’m glad they are allowing her to intersperse her non-major required courses with at least a few courses within her major. I was worried that if they didn’t let her, she would become disillusioned with the curriculum at HPU. She only has one class in her major this semester and one next, but at least it’s something. She’s not thrilled with having a year long foreign language and a semester physical ed requirement, but what are you going to do? She hasn’t decided what she’s going to choose for P.E., but she picked Italian as her language. She was hoping they offered sign language as an option, but they don’t.

Oh well, RV’s appointment was moved up an hour so I need to get going. I hope you have a wonderful day, and happy writing!

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As summer draws to a close…

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