Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29th

Hi, it’s Christina –

The cobwebs are refusing to leave again this morning, but since I have been up for an hour already, fog brained or not, it was time to get writing. I will, however, forego the writing challenge for just one more day. Not because I don’t want to answer the last challenge, but because I seriously doubt my ability to come up with a new challenge.

I don’t want to do a photo challenge, which would be easy considering I have several photos stockpiled, because every time I do a post with a photo or a link, FB only distributes to around 2% of my followers. If the photo is being used as supporting detail to the blog post, I can just tell the folks on Facebook to hop over to my blog if they want to see pictures; but if the picture is the actual challenge, I feel obligated to post it, and then no one sees it. I can’t win this one.

I forgot to tell you something yesterday. I will admit, when it comes to getting the mail, I’m seriously lax. The way our mailbox is situated, the area around it is usually a swamp, especially this time of the year. Getting the mail requires you to get muddy. However, since I was anxiously awaiting my final proof of Corporate Blues, I was checking the mail regularly.

In Wednesday’s mail came an official letter from the township addressed to, what I thought was, my husband, so I opened it thinking it had something to do with our taxes or something. I was wrong. The letter was not for my husband, it was for my son, who happens to share the same name as his father. The letter was from the mayor congratulating my son for making the Rider University Dean’s list for the fall 2013 semester.

So, I call up my son, and open the conversation with “I have a bone to pick with you!” I tell him I received a letter and inadvertently opened it thinking it was for his father. I read the letter to him, then accused, “You never told me you made the Dean’s list!” He said, “Mom, I told you I got straight As.” To which I replied, “But I didn’t know you qualified for the Dean’s list since you were only a part time student.”

He admitted he didn’t know either, until he received a letter from the Dean congratulating him. Then I told him, he wasn’t getting the mayor’s letter, I was putting it up on my fridge. He laughed at me, and told me that was fine since he had the letter from the Dean. My son did not have the easiest time in school. His grades were average at best, so for him to have made a college Dean’s list, it is a major accomplishment. I am so proud of my baby boy!! Sorry, proud mamma moment, I had to share.

Okay, it’s now nine o’clock and I have to start editing. I hope y’all have a fantastic Saturday, and happy writing!