Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23rd

Hi, it’s Christina –

Quick, quick, quick and no writing challenge today. I’m down to seven days, and one of those days needs to be spent cleaning my house because I have people coming over to do a study (they are paying me $100 for my opinion on products I use). If it wasn’t a of friend of my S-I-L who was doing it, I probably would have said no thank you, but they needed ten folks in the area, I don’t have to be using their product, and I don’t even have to try their product. A hundred dollars for an hour of my time, and all I have to do is talk… sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

So the house has to be cleaned for that, and also for Sunday when everyone comes here for my birthday dinner. Plus I have shopping to do for the dinner as well. I’m hoping I can cram everything into one day so I can spend the other six editing. I should be finished with one today, so that will give me five days to finish the other one, and start the third one. I’m not going to rush through any of them just because it would be easier on me to have a clean plate going into April. It wouldn’t be fair. I’ll just spend April a little sleep deprived.

Okay, let me boogie. I’m so close to being finished with this one edit, I just want to have a check in my “done” column. I hope you have a glorious Sunday, and happy writing!