Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29th 2016 - Meet the Authors

Hi, it’s Christina!

I’ll admit it, I’m tired today. I had book signings both Saturday and Sunday, and when you have to be “on” for that long, it saps your energy. Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE doing book signings and meeting readers, but when a majority of your time is spent alone, quiet, sitting in a chair writing, then boom, you have 5 to 6 hours of non-stop stimuli, it’s a bit of a shock to the system. I guess it’s just further proof that I’m getting OLD. LOL.

I have quite a variety to bring you today, so why don’t we just dive right in.

Lynn Cooper
First up is Lynn Cooper. Lynn grew up in a small town with big dreams of becoming a ventriloquist. She ordered her first (and last) dummy from a Sears catalog. It didn't take her long to realize she was never going to be able to talk without moving her lips, plus, the dummy gave her horrible nightmares. Lucky for us. Now Lynn writes lighthearted, uplifting romances with the perfect combination of humor and steamy love scenes.

When Love Calls
When Love Calls: (Raining Romance Series): Despite her sexy, seductive-sounding name, Velvet Rouser is a painfully-shy introvert. She has zero romantic experience with the opposite sex. Loneliness is her closest companion. Braeden Stone is a rough-and-ready cowboy who knows his way around women. But, an unfortunate accident has kept him out of the saddle, literally and metaphorically, for a long while. Both are destined to be alone unless they can find the strength and courage to answer when love calls.

When Love Calls is part of the Raining Romance Series. Each book is a standalone where unexpected storms of passion rage and love strikes faster than lightning.

Biscotti Baby
Biscotti Baby: (Plus Size Romance Series): Teagan Byers is an out-of-work interior designer, wanting to be an actress. When she sets her sights on the lead role in Brock Wolfram’s latest production of Romeo and Juliet, she isn’t expecting the director’s brand of gruffness. Or, his distaste for her acting methods. Or, the undeniable sparks of desire arcing between them. Brock isn’t expecting a curvy, spunky spitfire whose temper matches his. He’s accustomed to men cringing and women crying beneath his well-delivered scowls. Not Teagan. Every emotional barrier he erects, she breaks down. But he doesn’t trust her; he doesn’t trust any woman. No matter how tempting Teagan is, he won’t let her worm her way into his life and most definitely not into his heart.

Biscotti Baby is part of the Plus Size Romance Series. Each book is a standalone with no overlapping characters, story lines or cliffhangers. This series is a perfect combination of romance, steamy love scenes and humor. The stories are sensual and romantic, uplifting and lighthearted. Feel-good reads that leave you feeling great!

Corporate Punishment
Corporate Punishment: Jenny Watson is desperate to save her sister, Erin. In order to do that she needs an insane amount of money and will do whatever it takes to get it. Ed Rugar is the filthy-rich owner and CEO of Texas Star Oil Company where Jenny now works. He has the resources needed to pay for the life-saving, experimental treatments that will make Erin well again. Jenny works out a deal with Ed, but before it is cemented, he suddenly dies. Taking Ed's place at the helm is his ruggedly-handsome younger brother, Alex. Now, Jenny's position is in jeopardy. Can she hold on long enough to save her sister? Or will the hot, new CEO bed her, then give her the boot?

*Previously released as part of the Long Legs and Even Longer Short Stories collection. This is a 45-minute steamy romance short story. It's the perfect lunch break escape or an anytime mini-literary vacation for the woman who is juggling it all.

Judy Folger
Our next author is Judy Folger. Judy was born in Oklahoma and raised in Kansas. With the end of a sixteen year same sex relationship, Judy has devoted her time to her love of writing. In the past four years of the single life and retirement, Judy has been busy writing lesbian romance novellas. To date, she has published sixteen on Amazon, with another fourteen waiting to be edited and published. As usual, she is busy writing yet another book.

Family Pride
Family Pride: Dawn has plenty going on in her life. Hex ex-partner who cheated on her is trying to win her back. She's being recruited for an excellent job, but one that would take her far away from her beloved family and friends. Her younger brother is making the final transition from male to female in a community where transgendered people are not always supported. It's a welcome diversion when a cute blonde asks Dawn to dance at a local lesbian club. The diversion becomes a mystery, though, when Dawn runs into the same blonde at the library a few days later and the blonde blows her off with no hint of recognition.

Dawn tells herself she should just forget the beautiful, tempting woman, but somehow, she keeps running into her. Sometimes the blonde is hot and flirtatious; other times, cold as an icicle. Dawn's friends tell her she is becoming obsessed, and Dawn knows they're right, but she still can't make herself give up and walk away. Solving the riddle will take help from family and friends and a vacation to Hannibal, Missouri, the boyhood hometown of Mark Twain. Will Dawn's passion and Twain's wit and wisdom be enough to spark a new romance? Or is the blonde simply too far out of reach?

Love's Ghostly
Love's Ghostly Shadow: The terms of Aunt Beatrice's will are unique, to say the least. They give her great niece, Joy, full ownership of her home, but first Joy must live in the decrepit old farmhouse for a full year. A self-proclaimed adrenalin junky, Joy sees it all as a big adventure. Unfortunately her partner, Sheridan, doesn't agree. All Sheridan wants is a comfortable apartment with modern appliances, an apartment that doesn't have mice under the refrigerator and unexplained cold spots on the stairs.

Before long, Joy's already shaky relationship with Sheridan is stretched to the breaking point. But the longer Joy stays in the farmhouse, the more she remembers visiting Aunt Bea as a child. A full-blooded Arapaho, Aunt Bea once taught Joy meaningful Native American myths and legends. Joy begins to suspect that Aunt Bea's spirit is haunting the house to remind her of those long-ago lessons and to try to save her relationship with Sheridan. But Aunt Bea's intervention may be too little, too late. Sheridan has had it right up to her eyebrows with haunted houses, lesbian ghost stories, objects that move around on their own, and strange women who appear in and vanish from their kitchen. To make things worse, Joy starts to explore her attraction to a co-worker. Will Joy and Sheridan become just another statistic in the "lesbian break ups" column? Or will their encounters with a persistent, grumpy ghost provide just the relationship advice Joy and Sheridan need to keep them from hitting the skids...permanently?

Second Chance
Second Chance: Christa's beloved father died when she was just 14 years old. Now an adult, she plays the field, never letting anyone get too close. Then she meets just-out-of-the-closet Keri, and the sparks fly. As Christa's barriers come crashing down, she is sure she has found happily ever after. Flash forward 10 years. Keri has abruptly ended their relationship, kicking Christa out of their home in Dallas. Licking her wounds, Christa has moved back to Kansas City to be near her mother. She works in an indie bookstore by day and seduces married women by night. Never, she swears, will she ever again make herself so vulnerable. But Christa's world turns upside down when Keri also returns to KC for a job. Keri has a completely different recollection of the events leading up to their breakup, and she wants to give their relationship a second chance.

Christa isn't buying any of it. Having her heart ripped out of her chest and stomped on once was more than enough. Besides, she is slowly starting to develop feelings for Susan, one of the married women she dates. But Christa can't deny the earthquake of desire that shakes her to her very core every time she sees Keri. She wants to kiss her, touch her, hold her, and re-explore every inch of her body. Little does Christa realize that the white-hot passion they share isn't enough to mend their tattered relationship. That will require patience, communication, and--hardest for both of them--trust.

Catherine Mesick
Last, but certainly not least, is Catherine Mesick. Unlike Judy and Lynn, who I was able to introduce with snippets of bios they had written, Catherine seems to be a little more shy with her personal information (though I did need to tap into my sleuthing abilities to track down Lynn’s photo). All I can tell you about Catherine is she lives in the Washington DC area, she is a YA author, and she is incredibly supportive of other indie authors, which is why I chose her to be one of this week’s featured authors.

Pure (Book 1, Pure Series): Sixteen-year-old Katie Wickliff lives quietly in the small town of Elspeth's Grove, unaware of the troubled past that forced her grandmother to flee Russia with her when Katie was only a child. When people in the town begin to disappear, and Katie's own home is attacked by a terrifying creature, Katie and her grandmother return to Russia to find answers.

Pursuing them is the handsome William – who just might be a vampire. Katie discovers that William is indeed partially a vampire, but he is also one of the Sidh, an ancient clan whose members are gifted with great power – a clan to which Katie's deceased mother also belonged. Soon, Katie discovers that her mother's seemingly natural death was actually murder, and she is forced to confront the question she wants to face the least: Is William her otherworldly protector, or is he the dark creature who killed her mother eleven years ago?

Firebird (Book 2, Pure Series): Sixteen-year-old Katie Wickliff wants nothing more than to settle into a quiet life with her cursed beloved, William. But both Katie's past—and William's—are far too troubled to allow them to live in peace. Shortly after Katie discovers that a shadowy figure has placed a price on her head—and that a pack of vampires is out to collect the reward—William disappears, leaving Katie alone and unprotected. Separated from her true love and surrounded on all sides by danger, Katie must find out who it is that hunts her—before her life is claimed.

Dangerous Creatures
Dangerous Creatures (Book 3, Pure Series): When sixteen-year-old Katie Wickliff runs across a vampire with a silver stake through his heart, she knows trouble is starting in her quiet hometown. And when a mysterious correspondent starts leaving her messages of warning, Katie learns that trouble has arrived: vampires are disappearing, and Katie is getting the blame. She soon learns that matters are even worse than she feared: an ancient and invincible vampire known as the Hunter has been released from his tomb, and his mission is to capture Katie.

William, her true love, wants her to seek a safe haven, but Katie knows she cannot do that. Famous for always catching his prey, the Hunter will never stop once he is on her trail. Forced to flee her home to protect her loved ones, and pursued by rogue vampires, Katie must find a way to stop the unstoppable Hunter—before she becomes his latest—and greatest—prize.

So there you have this leap day’s featured authors. Hope you enjoyed the selection, and I hope you take a few moments to check out their books. (Both Lynn and Judy have a TON more books then mentioned above, and the 4th book in Catherine’s series will be coming out shortly.)

Until next time… wishing you a Wonderful Day and Happy Writing!