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March 7th 2016 - Meet the Author

Hi, it’s Christina –

Welcome to another edition of Monday Morning Meet the Authors, or in this case, again, Meet the Author. Today I will be introducing you to another “heavy hitter”, and again, I will only be featuring a sample of her extensive library.

Debra Salonen
In the spotlight today is romance author extraordinaire, Debra Salonen. Debra has been writing forever, or so it seems. Though I cannot verify, I believe she started sometime shortly after she got out of diapers, because how else could someone so youthful have so much experience under her belt? Debra has over twenty-five titles with Harlequin alone, several with other publishing houses, and her current Big Sky Mavericks series, which you’ll hear more about in a bit, is with Tule Publishing Group.

In 2006, Debra won the esteemed Romantic Times’ Series Story Teller of the Year Award. As you know, I've read thousands of books, and I will be honest, with the exception of a few, the stories and the authors have a tendency of all mushing together in my memory. For me, the one reason Debra’s books are memorable, is her incredible story telling ability. She has a knack for making me want to visit the places she writes about, and now, with her Big Sky series, I have a sneaking suspicion one of my “Why the heck did we get married?” weekends may find me and my hubby in Montana.

Okay, enough rambling, let’s get to Debra’s books.

Some dreams come with a big price tag.

Montana Cowgirl
Bailey Jenkins left her hometown of Marietta, Montana, at eighteen, poised to take college, and the rodeo world, by storm – despite Paul Zabrinski. On the eve of her great escape, at the top of the Ferris Wheel at the Big Marietta Fair, he invoked his great-grandmother Hilda’s curse. “If you do this, Bailey Jenkins, I will hate you forever. And I’ll call on my great-grandmother to curse you. She was a Gypsy witch, you know.”

Fifteen years later, Bailey’s back–shattered, humbled by fate and bruised at the soul level but determined to rebuild –once she helps her parents get back on their feet. She didn’t expect Paul Zabrinski to meet her plane, but seeing him strong, handsome and successful is somehow fitting. After all, Bailey didn’t need Paul’s gypsy great-grandmother to put a curse on her – Bailey already had the worst luck on the planet.

Never say never.

One look at Bailey Jenkins – his first love, the woman he adored…and cursed – and every emotion Paul Zabrinski felt fifteen years earlier comes rushing back. The love of his life broke his heart and made him hate her…or so he thought. The line between love and hate is very narrow, with only so much room for forgiveness. But Paul Zabrinski owns Big Z Hardware and Construction. If anyone is capable of building a bridge for them to cross together, it’s him.

Currently there are 9 books in the Big Sky Mavericks Series, just in case you’re interested… (Oooo, and if you hurry, the Kindle edition of Montana Cowgirl is FREE today.)

Book 5: Montana Gift (this one's also FREE!)
Book 6: Montana Hero
Book 9: Montana Rebel

My Christmas Angel
Do Christmas wishes ever come true? Ask Abigail, who at age eight met a real live "Christmas angel." Thirty years later, Abby is a single mom and successful book editor and author of the popular holiday children's story, "My Christmas Angel." But she's never stopped wondering about Dickie Daniels, the scruffy little boy from the wrong side of the tracks her mother brought home one memorable--life-changing--Christmas Eve. When the phone rings on Christmas Eve eve, a voice she never truly expected to hear again reaches out to prove second chances can happen if you have a little faith in the power of love and kindness.

His Daddy's Eyes
Judge Lawrence Bishop has a bright political future. But there's one thing that could come back to haunt him. Two years ago he spent a ski weekend in the arms of a sexy stranger. Now he needs to find the woman he's been unable to put out of his mind.

Ren is sad to learn that "Jewel" died in an accident. But her fifteen-month-old son is living with his aunt, Sara Carsten. Ren does the math and feels compelled to find out if his suspicions are correct, even though he knows he should stay away…or risk his promising career. Then he meets Sara—and suddenly staying away is even more difficult.

But what he has to tell Sara—and what he sees with his own eyes—rocks both their worlds.

Meet The Four Radonovic Sisters. Their Gypsy Mother Has A Prophecy For Each Of Her Daughters…
The Quiet Child

Alex's prophecy: A child's laughter can heal a wounded heart, but first you have to heal the child.

Alex Radonovic isn't particularly looking forward to Christmas. Her sisters have all found their soul mates—even her mother has a romantic interest. Only Alex is alone. Until her ex-fiancĂ© arrives with a preposterous suggestion. He wants Alex to help his son. Her first reaction is to refuse—after all, the child is proof of Mark's betrayal. But her heart goes out to the sad little boy. Could this be the meaning behind her mother's prediction? If she helps little Braden, will she finally be able to forgive his father?

Maybe this Christmas will be different from all the others.

Call it a "little blue pill epiphany."

Judy Uncensored
She may be 50-something, trapped in a dead-end job and worried her get-up-'n-go got up and went, but Judy Banger isn't ready to throw in the towel. Too bad her first attempt to re-ignite her sex life winds up with a 911 call. And she knows it's absolutely wrong of her to cry on the shoulder of a sexy carpenter with a Mrs. Robinson fixation, but it's not like she's going to meet the man of her dreams any time soon, right? Especially not in a hotel room where her ill-conceived plans to take control of her life flew out the window the minute a sexy young cop showed up...with a second set of handcuffs.

Judge Wilson "Wiley" Canby embodies the fire and smoldering angst of every romance hero Judy ever imagined all in one perfect package. Too bad Judy's never considered herself romance heroine material. And to make matters worse, their first meeting involves a black lace bustier, fishnet stockings and a whip named Gerald. Judy's doomed...unless, of course, Wiley's ready to explore his naughty side, too.

That Cowboys's Kids
Victim advocate Abby Davis wants a new job. One that involves shorter hours and less stress. But she's never been able to ignore a family in trouble. And the handsome cowboy waiting outside her office with his two little girls has a story that touches her heart. 

A robbery at an ATM has left his ex-wife dead and brought huge changes to Tom Butler's life. Overnight he's gone from single man living a simple ranch life to single parent trying to cope with two grieving daughters. Abby can tell he's reluctant to seek help, but he'll do it for his kids. Now, instead of a new job, Abby has a new case. And spending time with the Butler girls means getting to know their father. It means discovering that to know Tom Butler is to love him.

This could go on for pages and pages, but I’ll stop here. I hope you click on some of the links and check out Debra’s books (and download Montana Cowgirl while it’s still FREE).

Until next time, I hope you have a WONDERFUL day & Happy Writing!