Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15th, 2016 - Meet the Author

Hi, it’s Christina!

Remember how I said two weeks ago that I would be featuring three authors on my Monday Meet the Authors, but would revisit the idea when I had authors who had more than five books in their library? Well, this week’s featured author, with more than twenty-five books under her belt, more than qualifies.

Anne Kelleher
Since first being published in 1993, Anne Kelleher has been a busy little bee. Don’t worry, I won’t be featuring ALL of her books here, but I will be giving you a healthy sampling of what she has to offer, and I think you’ll find, she has quite a variety, and no matter which variety/genre you choose, you’ll find Anne has received critical acclaim for the story.

Daughter of Prophecy (Power & the Pattern): A blend of science fiction and fantasy, Daughter of Prophecy, set in the ruins of an empire destroyed by magic, tells how the love and power of two people can change the course of fate.

Children of Enchantment (Power & the Pattern): In a sequel to Daughter of Prophecy, two young strangers discover the love they were preordained to share, and a fratricidal war for the crown is loose upon the kingdom.

The Misbegotten King (Power & the Pattern): An ancient prophecy tells Amanander that he is the real heir to the throne of Meriga presently held by King Abelard. He uses his magic to probe the king's mind but kills him instead. All is set for a final conflict between him and his half-brother Roderic.

Silver's Lure (Through the Shadowlands): Through the Shadowlands: Where the touch of silver was protection, power and peril through battle, blood and sacrifice—only thus could the world be saved… or so the bards sing. But at the dawning of the world, Catrione, a gifted Druid, knew only that the realms of Shadowland and Sidhe faced the gravest of danger from the goblin hordes and treacherous mortals.

Now wary allies come together to wreak a spell to avert evil magicks, but the cost will be high. For much is needed to make the Silver Caul, and the songs don't speak of the price demanded. There will be duplicity and deceit, battle and blood and sacrifices—willing and unwilling. Only through death will the balance of life be preserved. For now…

An Otherwordly Intrigue…
With the courts of both the Sidhe's Otherworld and the mortals' Shadowlands in contention, nothing seems safe anymore. Now blacksmith's daughter Nessa is caught up in political and military intrigues that might lose the goblin horde. Widowed queen Cecily is fighting for a throne she never expected to have. And Delphinea, lady in waiting to the Faery throne, is caught between the powers of Sidhe and her destiny.
A Desperate Peril
The first battles are over, and devastation wracks both lands. With Nessa crossing between worlds to further understanding of each people, Cecily and Delphinea must fight to contain the evil that edges ever closer. Because their honor demands that their countries come before anything—even love. And life…

Unwillingly Entwined…
There is more danger than usual in the Otherworld of the Sidhe and the mortal world of the Shadowlands. An unlikely group of conspirators—both mortal and Sidhe—plot to overthrow both thrones. They have stolen the silver caul that protected the borders between the realms—and set into motion a most perilous war….

A Blacksmith's Daughter, A Sidhe Lady, A Mortal Queen
Three women stand against the encroaching evil. All they have is a girl's love for her father, a lady's for her queen—and a queen's for her country. Nessa, Delphinea and Cecily are each driven by a personal destiny, yet share a fierce sense of love, justice and determination to protect what is theirs. Will the spirit and strenght of these women be enough to turn back the tide of the goblin hordes waiting to overrun the kingdoms? Perhaps. But the battle must still be fought….

How David Met Sarah (David series Book1): Reading specialists, special education teachers and librarians agree that there are no other titles like this available. "How David Met Sarah," the first in a series of five books written for intellectually or developmentally disabled individuals, uses vocabulary appropriate for a third-grade reading level.

David is a young man who works in a mailroom and lives at home with his parents. When a young woman named Sarah moves to his neighborhood and begins to attend his church, David believes she’s the girl of his dreams. First, however, he has to figure out to meet her.

David’s carefully structured world seems to contain all sorts of roadblocks, but David is determined to get to know the girl with the long red hair. Through a series of adventures (and a few misadventures) that illustrate the challenges and rewards of life as a differently-abled person, David indeed gets his wish at the end of this first installment in the series: David and Sarah are well on their way to becoming good friends.

A Once and Future Love: England, 2014. When Richard Lambert’s beloved wife dies, he thinks he will never find love again. Until, while exploring a medieval tower, he falls from the steps—and into another time…

England, 1214. When Richard wakes, he’s in the body of his ancestor, who is near death from battle. As his wife nurses him back to health, she finds he is not the cruel man she knew. And he discovers a second chance—with his one and only love…

Wickham's Folly: an erotic romance (Wickedly Wickham Book 1): Evie Alexander was the girl your mother warned you not to be, until a decade into her settled, suburban marriage leaves her feeling slightly numb, as if some part of herself has gone to sleep.  When a psychic tells Evie an old flame is looking for her, Evie is startled to realize how quickly her desires are reawakened.  How far will Evie go to rekindle the sleeping passions of her own unsatisfied heart...and body?"

The Ghost and Katie Coyle: A cry for help, echoing across the centuries, inspires a young teacher to rewrite history and rediscover a passion she only dreamed about…

Life is good for Katie Coyle. She’s delighted with her new position as a professor of Irish literature and history, and enchanted by the old cottage on the cliff overlooking a beach that she now calls home. But she can’t shake the feeling that something— or someone— else calls the cottage home, and that in the night, echoes of an anguished voice calling for help haunt the beach below.

When Katie first meets Derry O’Riordan, an Irishman claiming to study a set of standing stones in the middle of the woods, she takes his story at face value. But when her life is threatened and her job is jeopardized, Katie realizes that more is at stake than just the confirmation of a fascinating historical footnote. In the end, a man’s honor, the truth, and her own life hang in the balance.

Conjuring Johnny Depp: a short story: When Kelly decides to celebrate her friend's birthday with a really spectacular surprise, even she is astonished that the spell works... eventually. What will Olivia do with the charming package that arrives on the doorstep, enchanted and sweetly asleep, but stark naked under his blanket? (I’m fairly certain this is the first book in her Celebrity Supernatural Series although it doesn’t say so.)

The House on Lake Jasper: A Tilton Chartwell Mystery (Tilton Chartwell Mysteries Book 1): Psychic medium Tilton Chartwell is trying to get her life in order: her ex seems intent on running her out of town. When an unexpected client invites Tilton and her sister to spend the weekend at an old Victorian on a secluded lake, Tilt finds she might have tackled more than she handle when one of the ghosts tells her she's "next." Can Tilton solve the mystery of the former owner's disappearance before her own life is threatened?

Okay, I’m going to stop now, but as I said, Anne has MANY more books for you to choose from – and if you happen to be bored with reading books in English, and want to challenge yourself, Anne’s books are offered in several different languages as well.

Until next time… wishing you a wonderful day & Happy Writing!