Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25th 2016 - Meet the Authors

Hi, it’s Christina!

Bekky Morasco - Owner of Let's Steep
Today’s Monday Meet the Authors is going to be a tiny bit different. As many of you know, I do a ton of book signings at Canterbury Tales Forever Book Shoppe, in Peddler's Village, in Lahaska, PA. Unfortunately, at the end of the month, Canterbury Tales, like too many other mom & pop stores, is closing its doors. This left me, and a whole bunch of other authors, without a venue for book signings.

Let's Steep
So, friend and fellow author, Karen Hluchan and I set out to secure us a new venue, and we struck gold at Let’s Steep, the new Tea Shoppe & Art Studio in the center of the Village. The space is PHENOMENAL, the owner Bekky and managers Lauren & Dani (Dani runs the art studio, and she AMAZINGLY talented) are INCREDIBLE, and the tea is TO DIE FOR! Lauren made me a cup of some type of coconut white tea (I told her to surprise me), and I was in hog-heaven. It’s going to be fun sampling their HUNDREDS of tea varieties. YUMMY!!
Dani Giovi

Since our meeting, I have been working on securing and scheduling authors for the 2016 calendar year, and I wanted to introduce you to the lineup and the dates they will be appearing so you can schedule your visits around the authors you would like to meet. 

Please note, this is not a complete list, authors are contacting me daily to be added on to the schedule.

In alphabetical order by first name:

Barbara Steingas
Barbara Steingas, non-fiction author of Germans are Funny Too, A Healing Puzzle, & Solving the Crohn's& Colitis Puzzle, will be there 04/23/16, 07/16/16, 08/14/16, 09/24/16 & 11/13/16.

Chris Redding
Chris Redding, mystery / suspense author of Incendiary, Blonde Demolition, The Drinking Game, Corpse Whisperer & several e-books, will be there 02/20/16, 02/28/16, 03/26/16, 04/04/16, 04/17/16, 04/30/16, 09/18/16 & 12/03/16.

Claire Markette / Zana Etter
Claire Markette / Zana Etter, fiction author of Dances With Destiny & Dark Orchids, will be there on 03/05/16 (more dates coming).
Dawn Kowalchuk

Dawn Kowalchuk, contemporary fiction author of A Sunrise to Share, is going over her crazy schedule and will get back to us on the dates she’s available.

Ellwyn Autumn
Ellwyn Autumn, young adult author of Chris Kringle’s Cops, will be there 04/02/16, 05/22/16, 06/26/16, 07/09/16, 07/24/16, 08/06/16, 08/21/16, 09/10/16, 10/22/16, 11/06/16, 11/25/16, 12/11/16 & 12/17/16. Ellwyn's book is only available at book signings, so if you want one, you'll need to come out to Let's Steep.
Gregg Love

Gregg Love, teacher and children’s author of The One Who Threw from Kalamazoo, will be there 02/14/16, 03/13/16, 03/27/16, 04/10/16, 05/22/16, 06/25/16, 07/17/16, 08/07/16, 09/25/16 & 10/15/16 (more dates coming).

Janet Stafford
Janet Stafford, pastor & historical and contemporary fiction author of Saint Maggie, Walk By Faith, A Time to Heal, Heart Soul & Rock 'N' Roll and several e-books, will be there 02/13/16, 03/12/16, 04/23/16, 05/14/16, 06/25/16, 07/23/16, 09/24/16, 10/15/16, 11/05/16, 11/18/16 & 11/25/16.

Joanne Holliday, the children’s author of Sammy the Unhappy Clamwill be there 01/31/16, 03/06/16, 05/15/16, 07/17/16, 09/11/16, 11/06/16 & 12/18/16.

K. Edwin Fritz

K. Edwin Fritz, BEST-SELLING horror/dark fantacy author of Man Hunt, Woman Scorned, Night Storms: AnEclectic Collection, Cover of Darkness, & Dark Tales From Gents' Pens, will be there 02/20/16, 02/27/16, 03/12/16, 03/26/16, 04/09/16, 04/16/16, 05/14/16, 05/22/16, 06/11/16, 06/18/16, 07/02/16, 07/03/16, 07/16/16, 07/23/16, 08/06/16, 08/27/16, 08/28/16, 09/17/16, 11/05/16, 11/25/16, 12/10/16 & 12/17/16.

Karen Hluchan, inspirational author of How Have You Loved? and spirit medium, will be there 02/13/16, 02/14/16, 04/16/16, 04/14/16, 05/21/16, 05/22/16, 08/13/16, 08/14/16, 09/17/16, 09/18/16, 10/15/16, 10/16/16, 11/05/16, 11/06/16, 11/18/16, 11/19/16, 11/20/16, 12/03/16 & 12/04/16.
Karen Hluchan

Now please note, Karen will have books there to sign, however, she will be doing Spirit Medium demos which are open to everyone for FREE, and she will be doing one-on-one readings for a fee. You’ll need to sign up for the readings either through her or at Let’s Steep. We’ll let you know which is which as the date nears. I can tell you, Valentine’s weekend will be the one-on-one readings, so if you want a chance for a reading with Karen, you’ll need to sign up soon. The slots will go quickly!

Karen Scheuer
Karen Scheuer, teacher and acclaimed children’s book author of A Bug and a Wish, will be appearing 01/31/16, 02/27/16, 03/05/16, 04/30/16, 05/21/16, 06/11/16, 08/13/16, 09/17/16, 11/05/16 & 11/19/16

Kathi Kurz, notable children’s book author of Does a Robot have a Nose?, is holding off until her second book in her series is released before she schedules her appearances. Look for her dates starting in late spring/early summer. Like Ellwyn, Kathi's books are only available at book signings.

Kenneth Good
Kenneth Good, minister and children’s book author of If I Were a Puzzle, is currently away so we were not able to secure any dates yet, but they will be coming.
Larry Deibert

Larry Deibert, Veteran and author of everything from non-fiction to adventure to paranormal romance including The Life Of Riley, Fathoms: A Novel Of The Paranormal, Family, 95 Bravo, The Other Side of the Ridge, From Darkness To Light, The Christmas City Vampire, Requiem for a VampireCombat Boots Dainty Feet and even some e-books, will be there 02/21/16, 03/13/16, 04/09/16, 05/07/16, 05/21/16, 06/11/16, 07/16/16, 08/07/16, 09/10/16, 10/16/16, 11/26/16 & 12/17/16.

Linda Rawlins
Linda Rawlins, doctor and mystery author of The Bench, Fatal Breach & Sacred Gold, is currently juggling an insane schedule, but we look forward to her joining us late summer / early fall.
Lori Sweeney

Lori Sweeney, acclaimed inspirational non-fiction author of Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous!, will be there 02/21/16, 04/02/16, 05/22/16, 06/25/16, 07/30/16, 08/20/16, 09/04/16, 09/18/16, 10/09/16 & 10/16/16.

Marielena Zuniga
Marielena Zuniga, comedy fiction author of  Loreen on the Lam: A Tennessee Mystery, is also juggling a crazy schedule and will be getting back to us on her availability.
Mary Ellen Springsteen

Mary Ellen Springsteen, medical mystery author of The Universal Donor & In The Name Of Beauty, will be there 02/06/16, 03/06/16, 04/16/16, 05/15/16, 06/18/16, 07/17/16, 08/14/16, 09/24/16, 10/23/16, 11/12/16 & 12/10/16.

Riley Morton
Riley Morton, teenager and youth fantasy author of Sorcerers & Discovered, will be appearing 01/31/16, 02/13/16, 02/14/16, 03/19/16, 03/20/16, 05/21/16, 09/17/16 & 09/18/16 (more dates coming).
Susan Jean Ricci

Susan Jean Ricci, award winning rom-com author of Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems, The Sugar Ticket, as well as several e-books, will be there for only two dates 04/04/16 & 12/04/16, so if you want to meet Susan, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Stacey Wilk
Stacey Wilk, young adult author of Welcome To Kata-Tartaroo Welcome To BibliothecaWelcome To Skull Mountain, will be joining us on 04/24/16, 06/26/16, 07/16/16, 08/13/16, 09/25/16, 10/30/16 & 11/20/16.

As for me, I’ll be there A LOT. Officially on 02/06/16, 02/20/16, 02/21/16, 03/05/16, 03/19/16, 03/20/16, 04/02/16, 04/04/16, 04/23/16, 04/24/16, 05/21/16, 06/04/16, 06/05/16, 06/12/16, 06/18/16, 07/16/16, 07/17/16, 07/23/16, 07/24/16, 08/06/16, 08/07/16, 08/27/16, 08/28/16, 09/10/16, 09/11/16, 09/17/16, 09/18/16, 10/22/16, 11/05/16, 11/06/16, 11/12/16, 11/13/16, 12/03/16, 12/04/16, 12/10/16 & 12/11/16, plus I will fill in on other dates when we don’t have a full house. On the other hand, I will also be giving up some of my slots if needed (with the exception of Scarecrow Festival – 9/17 & 18 – which is my favorite festival - so I’m going to be selfish and not relinquish my spot on those days).
As I said, there are several other authors who are also interested, but we haven’t been able to connect yet to go over the details. You’ll just have to watch either my Facebook page or Bekky’s Facebook page (hey, while you’re there, why don’t you give her page a “Like”, I’m sure she’d appreciate it) for updates.

The kick-off event in on Sunday, January 31st from 1 – 5. This is a kids event, so bring your little ones. There will be all sorts of fun stuff for your kids to do. Authors Karen Scheuer (A Bug and a Wish), Joanne Holliday (Sammy the Unhappy Clam), and Riley Morton (Sorcerers & Discovered) will be at the event. I hope to see you there!

Until next time, I hope you have a WONDERFUL day & Happy Writing!

James Hockenberry
UPDATE: James Hockenberry, award winning author of the thriller Over Here will be joining us on 02/27/16 & 04/17/16.


Steve Mariotti
Steve Mariotti, entrepreneur and author of The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Running a Business: Turn Your Ideas into Money! will be there on 04/24/16.