Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 7, 2016

Hi, it’s Christina –

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

I know it’s been a while, but today’s post isn’t about me, it’s about some author friends of mine who have been far more productive than I have. I hope you take some time to check out these new releases.

Chellie & Siran
First up, because TODAY is the big release date, is Lizabeth Scott. The long awaited 4th and final book in her Royal Vow Series - Sweet Temptation: Chellie & Siran is now available.

“Giving in to one simply divine temptation changed the course of her life forever. Chellie’s world spiraled out of control, and she had no one to blame, but the one man who lied and betrayed her. Her one night of unrivaled passion became the worst and most cherished moment of her life.

Prince Siran SuMartra stood fourth in line for the throne. Nothing was expected of him, and that’s exactly what he delivered. The image he put forth to the public was becoming tiresome to maintain. When he woke disorientated in yet another strange bed, with a woman he couldn’t remember, he knew it was time to change and take his place beside his brothers.

Years later, two very different people come together and discover they’re bound through a common bond. Prince Siran sets out to make amends. Chellie knows putting her trust in him again would only lead to another sweet temptation.”

Boxed Set
Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Don’t forget, if you want a taste of Liz’s writing before you invest in the entire series, the prequel to the series, Sweet Royal Beginnings: Jane & Mikal, is available for FREE. Then, when you love it and can’t get enough, Liz has the Royal Vows Boxed Set available at a discount, so you can get all caught up on the SuMartra clan.

Without from Within
Next up is Ron Shaw, who deviated from his novel writing to release a poetry book Without from Within, which debuted in the top 25 poetry books on Amazon. Wow, that’s really exciting stuff!

“After publishing twelve works, from deep within me, the innate urge to express myself in an entirely different manner overtook me.

As far back as I can remember, reading poetry has always been a passion. It may well have been one of the key factors in choosing English Literature as my college major.

This collection is the result of exposing my soul and heart in a way I'd never dreamed of doing so.

While my other works in publication are integral parts of me, I now understand that poetry is the essence of who I was, am, and forever will be.

With the understanding that these are my inaugural offerings and with the compassion to allow a heart without and soul within to falter, I hope you enjoy my poems.”

This is Ron’s 12th or 13th release in under two years. The man is cooking with oil!
Around the Campfire

His other new release is Around the Campfire: Two Badge-Toters' Tales, which he co-authored with DA Grady.

“Telling tales around campfires goes back to the beginning of cowboy days and even before. This group of tales differs in that they are told by D.A. Grady, in the comfortable role of a working cowboy, and his friend from Atlanta, Ron Shaw host of The Ron Shaw Show on ArtistFirst Network, who’s been invited to ride with him as D.A. mends fences on a ranch where he works.

Both men bring to this fictional experience an actual law enforcement background, one in the rural West and the other in urban surroundings, providing an unusual twist as they compare true cop stories – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Along the way, the reader is introduced by these two internationally read members of From Gents’ Pens to a variety of unexpected events along the trail, and nights abound with skillfully woven tales, mostly true, that tug at your every emotion. So settle into your sougans, and let the boys top off your mugs as they share with you tales from Around the Campfire.”

I’ve read several of the stories which made it into this book, and they are thoroughly entertaining.

The Blind Seer
Third is my pal and fellow Jersey Girl, Susan Jean Ricci, who just released a short story, The Blind Seer: A Cindy's Crusades.

“Cindy and Jay from Susan Jean Ricci’s award-winning novel Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems are at it again in this delightful addition to her Cindy’s Crusades series.

Recently returned from a successful trip in their RV, affectionately nicknamed the Snark Ark, the happily married duo find themselves inexplicably at odds as Jay suddenly begins acting strangely. A tiny corpse, Cindy’s Lenape advisors, and a blind seer all conspire to bring matters to a head, as the beloved, From Women’s Pens author once again leads her readers through a rollercoaster ride filled with the love and humor for which this wonderful series is noted.”

You may remember Cindy from Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems and The Sugar Ticket. Well, the tongue-in-cheek, brassy, sassy lady is back with more antics. I can’t wait to see what mischief she’s gotten herself into this time!

How Have You Loved?
Looks like I’d better get my nose to the grindstone if I want to keep in step with my friends.

So, that’s all for today. I need to go get ready. I’m meeting author Karen Hluchan in Peddlers Village in a couple of hours, and the two of us are scoping out new locations for book signings. Unfortunately, after more years than I can remember, Canterbury Tales Forever Bookstore is closing its doors. It truly breaks my heart to see another wonderful shop leaving the Village.

Until next time – I hope you have a WONDERFUL day & Happy Writing!