Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24th 2015 Challenge

Hi, it’s Christina –

Good Morning! I haven’t blogged in a few days, so I thought I should, however, it is going to be short & sweet because I have a ton to get done.

I didn’t get much done yesterday, because I wasn’t feeling well – my tummy doesn’t like it when we eat out a lot, and with being away last weekend, we had six meals in a row out. The visit with Lys was great, but of course, I had to deal with driving in snow. Well, what did I expect? It is winter, and I was in Vermont. Saturday night there were several cars in ditches – all ding-dongs in SUVs who were delusional and thought they we impervious to the bad road conditions. They didn’t get any sympathy from me.

We had dinner at the Vermont Pub & Brewery. Our server, Bunny, was a doll. The food was delicious, and it wasn’t expensive at all. They were even nice enough to let us bring in Lys’ birthday cake – and didn’t charge us a plating fee. Yup, we’ll be going back there.

The ride home was a bear. The weather was fine, but I had only gotten roughly twelve hours of sleep over a seventy-two hour time period, so I was whooped. Paulie had to drive the last hour because I couldn’t do it. (I usually do all of the driving wherever we go because my husband drives around all day at work, so it gives him a break.)

When we got home, I had a nasty surprise. My poor kitty, Sunny, had some kind of stomach bug and got sick all over my bedroom. Let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant having to clean up the mess, and leave it at that. She seems to be doing better today, so I’m relieved. She’s the sweetest cat ever, but she’s thirteen, so I really get worried when she’s not feeling well. I’ll tell you right now, I won’t handle her passing well. She’s my baby.

Speaking of passing, I have not one, but two funerals to attend. My friend’s mom died and the viewing is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow; and another friend’s aunt died – the woman has known me since I was an infant, so she was practically my aunt as well – and the viewing and funeral are at the exact same time. I need to divide and conquer. Tonight I will be going out to the viewing in PA for my friend’s mom, and tomorrow I will be going to the one for Aunt Julia (Teta Jula). The mass is in the next town over from me, so that’s good, but the actual burial is over an hour away, so I’m not looking forward to that, but whatchya gunna do?

Okay, I have to make sure all of our funeral appropriate clothes are ready, and then I have to run to the grocery store. I hope you have great day, and happy writing!

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