Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10th - Final Travel Blog

Hi, it’s Christina –

After all the elaborate ornate cathedrals
we've been seeing, I almost didn't notice
this tiny church in this village. I think 
it's charming. It's one of maybe thirty-
five buildings in the village.
Greetings from HOME. As predicted, I crashed when I got home on Sunday, and I was pretty much in a coma all day yesterday. I screwed myself up with a nap yesterday afternoon. I would have been fine if I had set an alarm, but dummy me figured, I never nap for than more than 1½ - 2 hours, I’ll be fine. 4½ later… UGH! I went to bed around 11:30 and was up by 6:00, so I think I’m back on track.

One thing I loved about the cruise was
when you come around a bend and all
of a sudden, there's this castle built into
the side of a mountain, or a picturesque
village appears. I wish pictures did the 
views justice, but sadly they don't.
There are no pictures from my final day in Europe and the trip home, because honestly, there wasn’t much to see. The shuttle picked us up at 3:20 in the morning from Passau, so the two hour trek to Munich was completed totally in the dark. We had very little time in Munich airport before we were on our plane to Heathrow.

A random couple walking
down the street in Passau
I did sit with an uncle and niece who were off on a three week adventure. They were headed to Peru (via Miami), off to visit Machu Picchu and several other places in the South American rain forest. On their return trip, they are staying in NYC for two nights, so I shared what I thought were “must sees” and where they should be careful. I wish I had gotten their names. They were so nice and I would have been interested in hearing about their journey.

We landed at Heathrow forty minutes early, but by the time we got to terminal five, hiked for miles to get to the gate for security, made it through security, and got to our new gate, we were only waiting for a little bit before we boarded.

On the plane I was wired for sound, and couldn’t sleep, so I watched three movies – The Intern, The Martian & Steve Jobs. I enjoyed all of them. By the time they finished, we were approaching Newark. It was strange, I was watching the flight map as we entered US airspace, and the flight pattern had us come in over Massachusetts, we made it over Lys’ school in Burlington, Vermont, then hung a sharp left to head to New Jersey.

The only turbulents we hit the entire flight were upon approach, and let me tell you, we came in at such an angle, and were bouncing so much, I was sure our right wing was going to clip the tarmac, and it came pretty dang close, but we landed without incident. An hour and a half after landing, we were in my van with Paulie driving and Dani Rose, headed home. Dropped of my mom, came home, gave Dani her gift, Paulie one of his, and then I went to bed. See, nothing photo worthy.

All the photos in this blog are from my last day in Passau, Germany. All of them have comments near the photos, so they really don’t need much more explanation. There are just a few things I would like to add.

If you visit St. Stephens Cathedral (which is absolutely gorgeous) in Passau, and you decide to partake in the organ concert (which is terrible, I swear at some points he was just hitting random keys to make noise, and I did not recognize a single thing he played – so either he was just an awful player or he chose the most obscure pieces of music available), bring your jacket. It was in the high seventies outside, but inside the cathedral it was maybe in the low forties. I was shivering so bad, (plus I couldn’t stand the noise any longer), I got up and left.

I was a little naughty when I was there. The only reason I went to the concert was because mom had signed up for it, but she got sick and went back to the ship, so I took her spot. I would have been happy to just go in, get my photos, and leave. Anyway, I knew she would have been disappointed she missed it, so I did a quick video of the church, while he was playing, before I got caught and had to stop. It’s just a snippet, but here it is. CLICK HERE

The reason I climbed all the way up to Veste Oberhaus was because I was told that from there you can get a picture of where the Ilk, the Danube & the Inn rivers converge. Now you might say, who cares, but the one cool thing is the rivers are three distinct colors, and when they meet, for a very short span, they retain the colors. This was something I thought you would want to see (I would have been happy with a post card, so yeah, I did this all for you.)

There are 300+ steps to get up to Veste Oberhaus, however, at the 130 step, you have a choice as to whether to turn right and climb the remaining 170, which would take ten minutes, or turn left and take the path which takes twenty minutes. It was a warm day, and the stairs were almost completely in the sun, and the incline was pretty fierce. I chose the path, which in the end wasn’t much of a picnic either, and had close to 100 steps as well, but they were spread out. Oh, and by the way, the 300 steps sis not include the steps in the tower (which cost 1€). I hope you like the photo…

I said I only missed taking a photo of Cezar, our bartender, but upon further review, I realized I missed a few more people – Cruz, another waiter, Alexandra, another cabin steward, and the four guys who were always running around making sure everything was functioning on the ship – I guess they are called engineers. They were all nice, but I didn’t catch a single one of their names.

I noticed the swan after I took this shot,
I thought I got him, but I guess I either
missed or deleted the photo by accident.
Oh, and I did find the photo of the lock we went through where you can make out the two water levels. Here it is –

So there you have it, my almost two week adventure through Europe. I hope you enjoyed coming along with me as much as I enjoyed having you.

Until next time, have a WONDERFUL day & happy writing.