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Monday, April 4th 2016 - Monday Meet the Author

Hi, it’s Christina –

Happy Monday! Sorry there was no post last Monday – no excuse, just spaced, and completely forgot it was Monday. Actually, the post I’m doing today should have been done last Monday, because I should have done it BEFORE the new release, not after. Oh well, whatchya gunna do?

Not her "official" photo, but this one
shows her personality so well, I had to
use it. (It's my favorite photo of her.)
The author I want to introduce you to this week hails from the lone star state, and I will confess, she a friend of mine. Christy King and I met over a year ago, and hit it off like a house on fire. She is a gifted young adult author, and an incredibly sweet person.

Christy & Rodney
Aren't they adorable?
Her and her hubby Rodney (no, not THAT Rodney King) take all these little exploring trips, and she takes her friends along with a mixture of photos, a little bit of history, and usually some funny stories. 

One of the many road trips Christy
let me "tag along" on.

For as much time as I have spent in Texas, she still has managed to show me places I’ve never been. I love it, and we (her friends) are always asking her, “so where are you going next?”. Last week was a bit of a blur, so I can’t remember if she was in Louisiana or Mississippi – I’m going to have to go back through her posts and catch up on what I missed.

One of Christy's writing partners.
When she isn’t having us giggling over her road trips, she has us rolling with the kitty antics in her home. Christy is a tiny little bit, but fair warning, don’t mess with her – she’s a marksman and a championship knife thrower, who also has a penchant for handmade bags. So now you know a little more about Christy than her average reader (hope she doesn’t shoot me for that).
One of her "finds" on one
of her road trips.

Anyway, Friday (my birthday) was her latest release, Dirty Deeds, and it looks AWESOME. So, without further ado, here’s Christy’s books – hope you find something that tickles your fancy:

Dirty Deeds - Cameron James is a justice dealer whose targets know her as Avenging Angel.

Unhappy with the decision of the court system? Dirty Deeds will balance the scales of justice, for the right price.

However, Cameron soon learns that her illegal business dealings are the least of her concerns. With a best friend hiding secrets and her mentor declaring war on her, Cameron must navigate the worlds of Witness Protection and the human slave market.

A single misstep plunges her into a supernatural miasma with eternal implications.    

The cell phone rang, scaring the bejeezus out of me and Ghost. Ghost was my cat. For months, I thought he was a real phantom clomping around in my condo walls. Turned out, it was just a kitten stuck in there. Go figure.
"I'm listening," I said, already knowing the person on the other end was my friend Devin.
"Cam Jam, no work tonight?" Devin asked.
Even in the privacy of my own home, I blushed at the pet name and thought of some choice things to call him in return. Instead, I took a deep breath and held down my rage. With a name like Cameron James, it was easy to see where he got the nickname. I hated it and he knew it. Seeing as what business I was in, he should've watched what he said.
"Obviously, you can see I'm home," I said, walking over to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing the high-rise across the street from mine.
"This is what I love about living here." He smiled and I could see him standing at his own windows across the way. "I can keep tabs on you."
"It does freak me out, another bonus for you," I said, putting my free hand on my hip.
"It should make you feel comforted and safe."
"Highly unlikely," I muttered. "Compare our jobs again. I'm the badass who takes care of everyone's dirty laundry. You do what, again? What did you say? Oh, yeah, you sell flowers. I feel so much better having you close by. I sleep better at night."
"You should," he said, his stance going stiff and affronted, even long distance. "If someone were to come after you, I'd see and be able to help."
"Yes, because it's so helpful to have you across the street, in another building, seventeen flights up. How fast can you get to me again? Didn't you time it once?"
"If I hadn't had to wait for my elevator and then yours, it would've been fast," Devin muttered.
"Yeah, if only," I murmured.
"Well, flash me if you need me."
It was his favorite thing to say. If I was in trouble, I was supposed to flash my flashlight out the window and he'd see it. The thing was, it would only work if he wasn't asleep, in the restroom, or otherwise occupied. So if he happened to notice there was trouble, then I'd have a good five minutes for him to get to me. I'd be better off calling the police. I never call the police.

Talia (Book One of the Talia Series) – Teenage queen, Talia, struggles with her own self-destructive ways, while trying to be a compassionate and fair ruler in a land of magic, werewolves, and vampires. Within her lies a darkness – one that will endanger the very people of her kingdom. In an attempt to protect them, she makes a pact with the vampires in a bid for peace. In the end, the trust she offers may be the very thing that leads to her own demise.

Ancestral Blood
Ancestral Blood (Book Two of the Talia Series) - Teenage queen Talia has secured her realm and married the love of her life. Just when everything seems idyllic, Camon decides that he needs to hunt down the vampire Arden for performing experiments on Talia to learn the limits of her powers. The quest sets into motion devastating events, causing the rulers to enlist the aid of the realm of Sollon. Family secrets are revealed and Talia discovers that she is far more than what she believed. Can she resist the lure of a power greater than any known in their world? Will the ones she loves be able to cope with the knowledge that she is far less human than they knew?

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I hope you enjoyed meeting my friend Christy! Until next time, I hope you have a WONDERFUL day & Happy Writing!