Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9th 2015

Hi, it’s Christina –

Good Morning!

I will admit to not recognizing
Jen's dad until he took off his
sunglasses. He made my day!
Just a quick post today. As I’m sure you heard, last weekend I was at Apple Festival at Peddler’s Village, and although the crowds were massive, folks just didn’t seem to be in the romance book buying mood. That’s okay though, because I got to experience something I was blown away by – SEVERAL folks stopped by my table looking for any new releases because they’ve already read all of my books. Talk about Rock Star moment! I guess I need to get busy and finish up the books I’m working on now don’t I?

I also wanted to tell you about an omission from my previous post. (In my defense, I did not know Gregg was going to be there on Sunday.) Gregg Love, a grade school teacher from South Jersey, wrote a wonderful children’s book called The One Who Threw from Kalamazoo: The 1st Inning (Kalamazoo Baseball Series). In small town Kalamazoo, Michigan, a young boy and a star pitcher grow a special bond that will change their lives forever. They each learn many great life lessons from each other. Each book, there are ten in the series, teaches an important moral and life lesson. This book series makes a great complement to any school's Character Education or Anti-Bullying curriculum.

If I wasn’t a dinglehopper and hadn’t forgotten both my phone and camera yesterday, I would have new photos for you. Oh well, let me boogie so I can get my marketing stuff out of the was so I can have a productive day writing.

Until next time – I hope you have a WONDERFUL day & Happy Writing!